Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Louis Straker was born in Layou on February 23, 1944.
On April 1, 2001, Straker was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade.
Straker is a sitting Bureau Member of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) in CARICOM, and has also served in the ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly.
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Straker was born in Panama, Central America and migrated to the beautiful island of St.
Elder Bertram Straker is an avid Bible worker and energetic Christian.
Straker is still a well regarded and respected weekly Hanson Place Church attendee.
Known as the "Eldest Statesman" of the Straker Family, Elder Straker is highly cherished and admired by his children and family.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, Sir Louis Straker has challenged the Non-Aligned Movement to reinvent and re-imagine itself as the world’s conscience and its primary developmental forum.
Vincent and the Grenadines’ Acting Prime Minister Louis Straker said that both the ruling Unity Labour Party and opposition New Democratic Party agree on at least one issue: continuing diplomatic relations with Taiwan.
Straker was at the time addressing the opening ceremony of a Taiwan Trade fair at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown.
Act of visionStraker said the decision by SVG’s first Prime Minister, the now deceased Milton Cato, to establish relations with Taiwan was an “act of vision.
Common goalStraker said both SVG and Taiwan share some common goals and values that bind the countries together.
Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker said that the Ralph Gonsalves administration would support any bid by Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province, to seek its independence.
In a television address last Thursday night, Straker said that Taiwan and Kingstown had been allies for the past 24 years and the island had benefited significantly from Taiwan's generosity.
Straker said the issue is not a matter of defending its sovereignty or territorial integrity, since Taiwan has developed its own social system, which embraces democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law as opposed to the totalitarian regime of mainland China.
Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker says Members of Government are resolute in their support and defense of Prime Minister Dr.
Minister Straker was joined by his Cabinet colleagues – Ministers Baptiste, Thompson and Walters, and Minister of State, Conrad Sayers, who assisted with the distribution of envelopes to Students from their constituencies.
Minister Straker expressed gratitude to High Commissioner Lewis as well as Nationals and friends in the United Kingdom who, for the fourth time, have made the donations to needy students possible.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, Sir Louis Straker says he is looking forward to implementing a number of initiatives in his Ministry in the New Year.
Vincent and the Grenadines has established diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and has immediately secured a commitment by Tehran to assist in the construction of the US$200 million international airport, Foreign Minister Sir Louis Straker has said.
During the first meeting between both countries´ Foreign Ministries, Straker was grateful for Cuba"s support, especially in education and the construction of an international airport.
Straker said his administration intended to “do everything” within its power to ensure that the industry remained afloat.
Minister Straker said other countries were recruited in the struggle.
Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker has described as unfortunate, the industrial action taken by at least 20 pilots last weekend that seriously impacted on the airline's operations.
Straker is set to depart on April 22, they said.
Ralph Gonsalves is to become the island's next Ambassador to the United Nations, Foreign Affairs Minister Sir Louis Straker has confirmed.