Minister of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure Sofara Aveau Tuisugaletaua of Samoa

Tuisugaletaua is determined to get the road connection done for other more important benefits that could be tapped into rather than just a quicker way to reach Aleipata.
The reality of the longterm vision Tuisugaletaua is working toward kicks off as early as this year when most of the work is timed for completion.
Minister Tuisugaletaua says the Board will review closely the safety aspects of the route and also the viability for commercial travel.
As the Minister of Works, Tuisugaletaua was directly responsible for handling the Government policy and so was right up in Toleafoas face on the issue.
Tuisugaletaua is serving out his second consecutive term for the Electoral Constituency of Vaimauga East, a longstanding stronghold for the Governments Human Rights Protection Party.
Tuisugaletaua said the committee was considering an annual report submitted by EPC.
Tuisugaletaua said he has no further comment to make on the matter.
As Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Tuisugaletaua is the minister who holds the Airport Authority portfolio.
Tuisugaletaua said the internal auditor’s report was forwarded to the Audit Office last week.