Minister of Microfinance and Decentralized Cooperation Abdourahim Agne of Senegal

Accompanied to State House by Crispin Grey-Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr Agne was a special envoy of President Wade.
Speaking to reporters soon after his audience with the Gambian leader, Mr Agne said he was send by President Wade to meet and brief his friend and brother, President Yahya Jammeh on the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to be hosted by Senegal in March.
In Senegal, opposition leader Abdourahim Agne is charged with incitement to rebellion after he urged demonstrations against the president Abdoulaye Wade.
A spokesman for the Reform Party says the group's leader Abdourahim Agne was released on bail late Wednesday.
Agne was arrested in late May after he gave a speech calling on citizens to follow the example of demonstrators in Ukraine.
Senegalese opposition leader Abdourahim Agne has been charged with threatening state security after urging peaceful demonstrations against the president.
Justice Minister Cheikh Tidiane Sy told Reuters news agency Mr Agne had urged people to follow the example of Ukraine, where opposition supporters went into the streets last year to overturn a fraudulent election result.
Abdourahim Agne was provisionally released in June.
Agne was charged under the disputed article 80 of Senegals constitution.