Minister of Information, Institutional Relations, and Government Spokesperson Bacar Dia of Senegal

The foreign adviser said when visiting Information Minister of Senegal Dr Bacar Dia met him at his foreign ministry office yesterday, said a handout.
Dr Dia is expected to hand over a letter of invitation from President Abdoulaye Wade to Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed to attend the OIC Summit that will take place in Dakar on March 13 and 14.
He also dispelled the widely believed notion that the media has reduced itself as opposition mouthpiece.
Although this was put down without bloodshed, Dia was arrested and imprisoned, and Senegal adopted a new constitution that consolidated the PresidentÂ’s power.
The government spokesman Bacar Dia said shortly before the riots that the high cost of living was a global phenomenon and accused opposition political parties of urging youths to break the law by taking to the streets in an illegal march.