Minister of Foreign Affairs Cheikh Tidiane Gadio of Senegal

At the African Union summit in Accra, Ghana in early July 2007, where leaders discussed whether a United States of Africa should be created immediately or gradually, Gadio expressed Senegal's stance in favor of immediate creation, saying that "We are ready to abandon partially or totally our sovereignty to join a unity government in Africa.
Who is Cheikh Tidiane?Cheikh Tidiane Gadio has been the senior minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Senegal since Senegals historic political transition in March of 2000.
Cheikh Tidiane Gadio has been the senior minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Senegal since Senegal's historic political transition in March of 2000.
Dakar A resolution on the cancellation of the debt owed by the least rich countries of the Ummah was adopted by the Islamic countries' foreign ministers who met in Dakar, Tuesday, in preparation for the 11th Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) slated for 13-14 March, Cheikh Tidiane Gadio disclosed.
migrants as if they were criminals, Gadio said on Wednesday.
Cheikh Tidiane Gadio said Senegal sees that the third path (an alternative that gives the Sahara population large autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty) is the most adapted solution as the initial settlement plan faced several difficulties related to the identification of eligible voters and as Morocco has categorically refused the idea of partitioning its territory.
Cheick Tidiane Gadio is Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Senegal.
Gadio has served in several international capacities such as: Minister of State in charge of foreign affairs for the African Union, President of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, President of the Council of Ministers of ECOWAS, President of Council for Mediation and Security of ECOWAS, Coordinator for Africa for the West and the Francophonie, World Links for Development and the World Bank.
Gadio said that the Senegalese President is an economist by training whose goal is to make Africa self-sufficient and end its dependence on international aid and loans.
Gadio said was a wide-ranging review of African issues focussing on efforts to resolve regional conflicts including the slow-moving peace process in Ivory Coast.
Gadio said the situation in Liberia has improved considerably since the arrival of UN.
Gadio said his government is following the activities of Charles Taylor in his refuge in Nigeria very closely and with extreme care.
It is also pressing that the international community make Israel understand clearly that it is illusory to pursue its policy intended to dominate the Palestinian people, Gadio said at the opening of the OIC foreign ministers' meeting.
Gadio described his meeting with President Mubarak as very important, pointing out that the meeting tackled conditions in Palestine, Iraq and Darfur.
Gadio said he discussed with President Mubarak the situation in Ivory Coast, as one of the important countries neighboring Senegal.
On the itinerary of President Wade during his visit to Egypt, Gadio said that Wade and his wife would visit tourist sites in Cairo and Luxor and attend a sound and light show in French then make a voyage on the Nile, visit the High Dam and Philae Temples in Aswan.
that nothing is more important than to know where one is heading to.
Gadio said both Senegal and China are developing countries so the two nations should join hands in undertaking cooperation, which is conducive to the interests of the two peoples.
unite in order to survive or be condemned to disappear, Gadio said at a conference he moderated at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD), Senegal, at the weekend.
Meanwhile, Gadio has described the Accra Summit as a historical achievement for the continent, considering the significance of the declaration signed by the heads of State and government.