Minister of Land and Air Transportation Farba Senghor of Senegal

newspapers published controversial articles about the Ministers former wife.
Senegal's Aviation Minister Farba Senghor has been sacked over alleged links to raids on two newspapers.
Senghor is suspected to be involved in the looting of the premises of the private dailies LAs and 24 Heures Chrono on 17 August.
ASECNA is trying to do a parody of an audit, Senegalese Transport Minister Farba Senghor said at a press conference, referring to the Agency for the Security of Navigation in Africa and Madagascar, which goes by its French acronym.
When the former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck fell out with President Wade, Mr Senghor was among the hardliners within the ruling party who sided with the president and who worked hard to see Mr Seck ousted from office and imprisoned.
The article exposed how Senghor had lied about having a diploma from a management institute in Italy.
News reports and Diop linked the threats to Ndours coverage of the minister in Tuesdays Wades Strange Government: Two Ex-Model Ministers, which alleged that Senghor had lied in the past when hed said he had a diploma from a management school in Italy.
The Senegalese minister of Crafts and Air Transports, Farba Senghor was sacked on Thursday, official sources said here.
Senghor was unavailable for immediate comment.
Ever since my name was mentioned with the suggestion I could become a prime minister, there have been people working against me”, Mr Senghor said after he lost his government position.
But, despite his dismissal, Mr Senghor remained defiant.
A simple and mostly unknown member of the Senegalese Democratic Party, until their 2000 electoral victory, Mr Senghor is a prominent character in the Senegalese public scene.
Senegal sacking over paper raidsSenegals Aviation Minister Farba Senghor has been sacked over alleged links to raids on two newspapers.
The raids came after Mr Senghor had publicly condemned the papers but he has denied any involvement.
Mr Senghor is a key member of the ruling Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS.
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Senghor has since denies any involvement in the matter.
e dailies -- L'As and 24 Heures Chrono -- on 17 August.
The issues are enormous for our country, as biofuel will help US diversify our energy sources and reduce the increasing oil bill, while protecting the environment from pollution, Senghor said to AngolaPress.