Minister of Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulics, and Sanitation Habib Sy of Senegal

Habib Sy is a Senegalese politician, currently serving as Minister of State for Infrastructure, Land Transport and Air Transport.
In the mid-1990s, Sy was Director of the Cabinet of Minister of State Abdoulaye Wade during Wade's participation in the government.
In the 3 June 2007 parliamentary election, Sy was elected to the National Assembly on a departmental list of the Sopi Coalition.
In the government appointed after the election, on 19 June, Sy was retained in the government as Minister of State for Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulics and Sanitation.
Habib Sy is Minister of Infrastructure, Tra.
the shoulds for national and international development.
He held that post until 1 February 2006, when Habib Sy was appointed to replace him.
Madame Sy had not been feeling well that evening, but, she wanted to receive me just the same.
Sy says efforts, such as selling imported clothing in city markets, are not very profitable.
Sy says policing borders and allowing token legal immigration will not create long-term solutions.
Habib Sy is director of a Senegal-based nongovernmental organization, Partners for African Development.
President Wade then told the Khalif and the other representatives that his relationship with the family of Alhagi Malick Sy was long before he become president.