Minister of Interior Ousmane Ngom of Senegal

Senegalese Interior Minister Ousmane Ngom said the two sides would start defining the quotas very soon.
Following the assassination of Constitutional Council Vice-President Babacar Sèye in May 1993, Ngom was brought in for questioning along with Wade on May 18.
Ngom was elected to the National Assembly in the April 2001 parliamentary election, winning his seat through national list proportional representation; he was the only PLS candidate to win a seat.
The PLS merged with the PDS in May 2003, and Ngom was appointed as Presidential Adviser for International Relations, with the rank of Minister, on August 14, 2003.
Ngom said that the next National Assembly would be legitimate regardless of the turnout rate.
Senegal to introduce electronic passportsSenegalese Interior and Local Government Minister Ousmane Ngom has announced the government will soon introduce the use of electronic passports, official sources said Wednesday.
We shall introduce new and high quality electronic passports in Senegal very soon, which will enable US to resolve numerous problems related to passports and to issue millions of passports within a very short time," Ngom said while receiving electoral materials for legislative elections slated for June 3.
But Ngom said the first round of presidential polls originally planned simultaneously with the parliamentary elections would proceed on 25 February.
Speaking at a media conference here Friday, Ngom said the decision was made by the State Council which also increased the parliamentary seats to 150.
Mr Ngom said there has been a sharp decline this year, as only 101 vessels carrying 4,404 illegal migrants docked the Spanish coasts on 15 June.
Ngom was quoted as saying in a January statement that it pains him to press charges against journalists due to his commitment to press freedom, Senegalese online news Web siteNettali reported.
Interior Minister Ousmane Ngom said voting would be extended "if necessary" until 10:00 pm (2200 GMT.
Ngom said Senegal is still studying the Frontex scheme and should sign it within "two or three days" before taking part in it.
This day is actually a great day for Senegal, for Senegalese women, for Senegalese democracy, but also for the Senegalese parliament,� Interior Minister Ousmane Ngom said while addressing the MPs.
Regretting the fact that the pace was slow, Ousmane Ngom said what could speed up this struggle, was political will, which was often lacking mainly in Senegal.
Referring to human traffickers, Ngom said Senegal would arrest “these sellers of illusions who use the naiveté of would-be migrants to enrich themselves.
Ngom was quoted as saying in a January statement that it “pains him” to press charges against journalists “due to his commitment to press freedom,” Senegalese news website Nettali reported.
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Mr Ngom said he would make an announcement in due course.
But Ngom said that all that had happened was that some voting cards had had to be reprinted after the disappearance of the original set.
SENEGAL SAYS WILL COOPERATENgom said Senegal would cooperate with Spain to repatriate hundreds of illegal Senegalese migrants from the Canary Islands as long as their "dignity and human rights" were respected.
Ngom said that since the joint patrols started off Senegal on September 7, Senegalese naval forces had intercepted two fishing boats carrying 88 and 98 migrants respectively.
Minister Ngom said the whole eastern region will benefit, and that between 10,000 to 20,000 new jobs will be created.