Minister of Employment and Human Resources Development Macsuzy Mondon of Seychelles

Noting that the workshop was entitled, “The transformation from training to earning –the University of Seychelles,” Minister Mondon said that Seychelles’ socio-economic development is at a level that has given the government confidence to double the country’s GDP by the year 2017.
Mrs Mondon said that a close study of the human resources indicates that whilst education and training have grown in Seychelles, there is still a shortage of skills at managerial, professional and technical levels which has resulted in expatriate employment increasing at a rate of over 12% of the labour force.
Mrs Mondon was accompanied by her principal secretary Jean Raguin and other senior officials from the ministry, as well as representatives of the Seychelles Tourism Board.
Regarding the new courses being offered by the STA, particularly the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, Mrs Mondon said her ministry welcomes such an initiative as this is one area that now employs many foreigners.
Minister calls for more harmony in workplaces The Minister for Employment and Human Resources Development Macsuzy Mondon has called for more harmony in workplaces through proper dialogue and increased consultation between employer and employees in the workplace.
Ousted from the archipelago: such is the fate of the Mahé representative of Traum Inselm, the tour operator which sells Seychelles holidays to German tourists.
The signing by Health Minister Manto Tshabalala Msimang and her Seychellois counterpart Macsuzy Mondon took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday.