Minister of Community Development, Youth, Sports, and Culture Vincent Meriton of Seychelles

Minister Meriton was making reference to the first two gold medals the country won at the Ninth All-Africa Games in Algeria and the 35 gold medals Team Seychelles captured at the Seventh Indian Ocean Islands Games (IOIG) in Madagascar.
Speaking of the year 2008, Minister Meriton said that it will be another exciting season as the country will host the Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sports de l’Océan indien (CJSOI) which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Minister Meriton has made an appeal to the Seychellois population to preserve its heritage and historical sites in order to give more value to the eco-tourism industry.
Mr Meriton said that the society was fully committed to working with those people living with disabilities and improving their lives.
Minister Meriton was speaking after attending the Games in Beijing.
Minister Meriton said he is satisfied with the performances of most of the nine Seychellois athletes at the games because his ministry knew beforehand that there was a big difference in their results and those of the world-class athletes.
Speaking of the Beijing Games’ opening ceremony in the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium) on August 8, Minister Meriton described it as “magical.
The Seychelles’ newly appointed Minister for Social Affairs and Employment Vincent Meriton has outlined a new direction for his department, emphasising the need to concentrate on developing a more harmonious public/private partnership, encouraging investment and nurturing the local workforce.
Vincent Meriton expressed the same interest in cooperation.
In his speech for the occasion, Minister Meriton said that the donation exemplified a government, private sector and non-governmental organisation partnership, and expressed confidence that many more such gestures would follow within the spirit of inclusiveness being pursued by the government.