Minister of Country Planning, Forestry, Environment, and Social Welfare Alfred Bobson Sesay of Sierra Leone

Alfred Bobson Sesay has returned to Freetown after brief visit in the United States of America, where he won laurels.
Bobson Sesay said his "admirers" have been adequately sensitized by what they read on newspapers in particular, whilst others have got first hand impression privilege by home coming visits - and have returned to the United States, where they resolved to form their various associations.
Bobson Sesay said the membership of those groups who honored him are essentially Sierra Leoneans from a board spectrum of Sierra Leone based in the USA.
Sesay has been exhibiting himself in the course of his public responsibilities and as such deemed him fit for recognition.
Alfred Bobson Sesay is still the target of the columnist's swipe.
Bobson Sesay was first appointed minister of lands, housing and country planning in the Kabbah government a year before the 2002 presidential and parliamentary elections, a position he retained after the election which was emphatically won by the SLPP under the household slogan Wutehteh.
Sesay is at present doing consultancy on education, working with reputable international non-governmental organizations and living a peaceful life.
Alfred Bobson Sesay has dropped dead if not fired.
Sesay said it was time for Sierra Leoneans to maintain peace and unity instead of making ill statements against one another for political gains.
Sesay said the attention to and strong measures for environmental protection in China deserved the study of his country.
It was also, alleged that Alhaji Sesay was not only going to be the premier confident and adviser to the leader but that he would have had more formal and informal power than any other minister or Vice President on the golden team.
It was obvious to the closest members of the inner core that Alhaji Sesay was the lead golden player.