Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs Alpha Kanu of Sierra Leone

The procurement and tenders group within the ministry, led by Mrs Fatmata Mustapha, opened the bids and unaware, or perhaps not being told that Alpha Kanu had eyes on the $4million or had ear-marked his own supplier, awarded the contract to the lowest bidder, IMRES.
A determined Alpha Kanu has continued his insistence that the $2million IMRES contract, which is lower, must be cancelled and replaced with the $4million Nigerian EMZOR contract, representatives of whom are business associates and personal friends of Alpha Kanu.
Whatever the situation, Alpha Kanu is determined to come out of this with a contract for EMZOR.
Alpha Kanu is the fact that he has forgotten, whether deliberately or by design to check his back door if it is properly shut before picking up fight with certain people in the media family in the country.
If this same Alpha Kanu was involved in the recent Hajj arrangement, history would have repeated itself which would have been the genesis of the unpopularity of the APC party just few months in office but thanks to the wisdom and sincerity of His Excellency, Dr.
Alpha Kanu was heard on the UN radio in the Tea Break programme expanding on the Monday’s action of His Excellency, President Dr.
What Alpha Kanu is interested in is purely for religious purpose; while in the case of cocaine; is an international criminal activity, therefore the conclusion, though may be too early to arrive at is that the suspect was not part of the arrangement, either because he doesn’t know how to arrange flights for cocaine or was not called upon to take part in the exercise.
despite the similarities in characters of the two people would wish to officially inform the public that Alpha Kanu was not part of the arrangement to traffic cocaine to Sierra Leone.
Kanu said some of their supporters in the Northern Province and Freetown who went to register were issued with voters I.
The new "After Battle" Kanu is set to 1/6 scale and measures 26cm or 10.
Presidential Affairs Minister Alpha Kanu has said that injustice and other human rights violations in the political past were responsible the 11 years rebel war in Sierra Leone though the minister refused to specifically point the finger at the political regime during that period.
Mr Kanu said the TRC report is a prescription for everyone in Sierra Leone to know about the cause of the war and to avoid recurrence of such war.
Presidential and public affairs minister Alhaji Alpha Kanu has insisted that the former SLPP government left a battered economy.
To the great people of CT, I'd like to take this opportunity to beseech you to translate this experience of our heroes of freedom into a positive, intercultural and political union.
Reading off the six names on the gravestone, Kanu said Fa, Tua, Weluwa, Kapeli, Yammoni, Kaba, we are sorry.
Presidential and Public Affairs Minister Alpha Kanu said Sierra Leone's new government wanted to learn from Senegal, seen as one of the better off countries of West Africa.
APC spokesman Alpha Kanu said Berewa and outgoing President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah had telephoned to congratulate Koroma on his victory.
Alpha Kanu is reportedly unhappy with the stance adopted by President Koroma not to use “Sierra Leone” when the country is not the owner, nor benefiting from the proceeds of the Airline.
APC spokesman Alpha Kanu said outgoing President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, who had backed his vice-president, and Berewa himself had called to congratulate Koroma on his win.