Minister of Transport and Aviation Kemoh Sesay of Sierra Leone

Brighton It is now official that suspended Minister of Transport and Aviation, Honourable Kemoh Sesay had no criminal role in the landing of a plane load of cocaine at Lungi International Airport a few months back.
When Kemoh Sesay was asked to step aside to allow the Police to do a fair investigation sections of the APC crowd were angry and bitter.
The message of the APC crowd supporting Kemoh Sesay was simple.
The legal team of suspended Transport and Aviation minister Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay has vigorously denied a rumour circulating in and out of the country stating that he has 650,000 United States dollars in a London account.
In one of his recent articles veteran media analyst and head of the open government initiative (OGI) Karamoh Kabba stated that there was a lot of hue and cry about the cocaine plane incident that has been further exacerbated by blistering headlines from the local press, all conjectures, that transport and aviation minister Kemoh Sesay has knowledge of the cocaine transhipment.
The name Kemoh Sesay has been rightly or wrongly synonymous to cocaine deal following the 7/13 cocaine plane that landed unauthorized at the Lungi International Airports.
Kemoh Sesay was indicted on the grounds that he was the Minister of Transport and Airvaition and on the basis of circumstantial evidence, one of the suspects, Ahmed Sesay currently detained at the Pademba Road Maximum Security prisons, was a brother of his.
There is a lot of hue and cry here about the cocaine plane incident that has been further exacerbated by blistering headlines from the local press, all conjectures, that Transport and Aviation minister Kemoh Sesay has knowledge of the cocaine transhipment.
indeed printed word that Sesay had been fired/sacked from his job as Minister.
had been relieved, pending the conclusion of investigations.
It matters to the public when someone like Kemoh Sesay is hauled out of a government to which he was a senior cabinet minister and a strong party ally.
Kemoh Sesay has been relieved of his official duty as Transport and Aviation Minister.
If Kemoh Sesay is not protected no one will be protected,” he said.
Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay was said to have been relieved of his duty by the government not because his link to the unauthorized landing of a Cessna plane carrying 750 kg of substances believed to be cocaine but to frustrate his political ambition.
It will be necessary for an indigene of Port Loko to take over the leadership of the party by 2012 and Kemoh Sesay is the right person for that position,” a certain Alimamy Kamara said.
A press release from State House says Mr Sesay was sacked because of ongoing investigations into the unauthorized landing at Lungi on July 13 of a plane loaded with 700 kilograms of cocaine.
A couple of weeks ago on the 17th July precisely, Kemoh Sesay admitted that key Sierra Leonean suspect in the ongoing cocaine investigation Mohamed Sesay is his brother.
I take responsibility for my action, Kemoh Sesay had said in a press conference on the matter in Freetown.
Kemoh Sesay is now open to thorough scrutiny and investigation by the police, something that was impossible had he remained in post.
minister Kemoh Sesay has knowledge of the cocaine transshipment.
personal lives are not - Bhai Sesay has an option to respond to Mr.
Ahmed Sesay was a major financier of the APC campaign.
The Assistant Inspector-General (AIG) of Crime Services, Francis Munu has confided in Awoko that the suspended Minister of Transport and Aviation Kemoh Sesay was not among the eighteen (18) suspects who were yesterday taken to court, because he was never found culpable after police investigation into the cocaine saga.
statement should have been applied.
When the president announced his cabinet, Ahmed’s half brother other times referred to as his cousin Kemoh Sesay was appointed as the Minister of Transport Aviation.
Last week Kemoh Sesay was asked to resign and Ahmed is being held in Murraytown.
Because one could easily speculate that if Ahmed Sesay is found guilty, then the President’s campaign to which Ahmed contributed money was partially funded by his drug money.
Now to the substance of the piece, I think you are right on! I have a feeling that Kemoh Sesay was strategically placed at Aviation by the president in order to expedite the trafficking entterprise.
Murray Town, west of the capital, Freetown, following his sack on Monday.
Bai Koroma, in an effort to 'facilitate' the investigation.
Office said in a statement, AFP reported.
The two British, including the Mexicans, Venezuelans, one American and one Guinea Bissaua have been transferred to the Maximum Security complex at Pademba Road, while Ahmed Sesay was seen last evening at the CID head quarters at government wharf.
Meanwhile, a source has told this press that Ahmed Sesay was over heard telling petrol dealers in Lungi the night before the arrival of the plane that he and other people were expecting an aircraft which could need to be re-fueled and that he would likely come back to buy gas.
Sesay had access to unexplained sources of wealth.
Pastor Mohamed Sesay said the lawyers refused to disclose if the cash was paid by a Sierra Leonean or foreign national.
But Koroma's office said in a statement on Monday that Minister Sesay had been relieved of his duties pending the outcome of investigations.
Ahmed Sesay is one of our suspects who we are looking into who have been charged on various offences ranging from conspiracy to unlawfully landing an aircraft and unlawfully possessing firearms, Samassa told Reuters.