Minister of Development and Economic Planning Mohammed B. Daramy of Sierra Leone

In his goodwill message, Liberian refugees welfare council chairman, Reginald Gaye described this year's Independence Day celebration as remarkable and unique since it will be the last to be marked before the final closure of the camp.
Daramy said that the national coordinating committee on trade is designed to act as platforms for analyzing trade policy and trade negotiation strategies along with their sequencing and timing.
Daramy has revealed that ECOWAS will send a team of experts to Monrovia to support Liberia's efforts in the area of tax administration and more specifically on the issues surrounding the Common External.
potential but the right enabling environment is absence.
Kemoh Kanji Daramy was dismissed for corruption.
Daramy said nothing could be farther than the truth as Foh admitted he hadn't fully read the speech.
Daramy said the country's military has been revamped and modernized.
Mohammed Daramy chaired the meeting.