Minister of Marine Resources Moses Kapu of Sierra Leone

Moses Kapu is dying slowly if urgent medical attention is not sought for him abroad.
Kapu has however been discharged from hospital and is currently residing at his Government Quarter at Spur Loop, West of Freetown.
Moses Kapu is reported to have been flown South Africa to seek Medical attention.
Kapu was one of the Ministers from the PMDC who helped the APC to win Bonthe in the last runoff presidential election.
Kapu is one of the four Cabinet Ministers representing the PMDC in the current APC-led Government.
Moses Kapu has received in audience the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Cheng Wenju, with the aim of mapping out strategies for the development of the Industrial Fisheries Sector in the country.
Kapu is one of PMDC's nominees in the APC's proposed government of national unity.
A founding member of the party, Dr Kapu was chairman of the Georgia chapter in the United States where he presided over the Award of Freedom Key to the City of Georgia; an honourary citizenship of the USA to Charles Francis Margai as leader of PMDC.