Minister of Social Welfare Musu Kandeh of Sierra Leone

Minister of Social Welfare, Gender ChildrenÂ’s Affairs, Madam Musu Kandeh has commended Actionaid-Sierra Leone for working towards women regaining their rights in society.
Minister Kandeh said as a former Gender Activist, she does understand the challenges faced by women in a post conflict country like Sierra Leone.
The name, Musu Kandeh is a household name, particularly in the north of Sierra Leone.
Kandeh was later nominated to Parliament in 2000 to replace a Member of Parliament who was shown the exit due to excessive absenteeism.
Musu Kandeh is a nurse from Sierra Leone and Etta Kutu-Akoi is a nursing technician from Liberia.
Social Welfare, Gender and ChildrenÂ’s Affairs Minister, Haja Musu Kandeh has emerged as the final lucky winner of a shop worth over twenty five million Leones from Zain-SL.
Earlier in February 2008, Haja Musu Kandeh had announced at a workshop on the issue that my government, the APC government, has an expressed commitment to ban the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM.
Musu Kandeh has advised Sierra Leoneans to avoid politics for the time being and assist the government in its development efforts.
Minister Haja Musu Kandeh said the government has an expressed commitment to ban the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM.
will work to eradicate it in this country, Musu Kandeh said at an event organised by a local anti-FGM group, the National Movement for the Emancipation of FGM.
Just last week Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs Haja Musu Kandeh expressed a commitment that the APC government will work towards banning the practice of FGM in thecountry.