Minister of State for Southern Region S. U. M. Jah of Sierra Leone

Once I figured out who was singing this song back in 2001, I've been hooked!!! Jah was here in Chlt.
Jah has not added any artists yet.
Jah has not added any friends yet.
Jah has not found any shows to go to yet.
Independent or not Jah Jah will not stop, from Amsterdam to Paris and back to Brooklyn Jah Jah has been rockin clubs, recording dubs pulling stunts whether or not the industry is looking.
With a long list of recent shout outs from artists like Jay-z “Go Get em Jah Jah “ ( Show me What you got, remix) , Lil Scrappy, Jah Jah don’t trip,”( Gangsta Gangsta) , Collie Budz “Take a Lick of Jah “ , Sean Paul, “Jah Jah, your hard to the core- Girl what you waiting for ? ” Jah Jah is the most invisibly noticed artist… don’t sleep on her.
Jah was entitled for Rs 530 million being the legal heir of his uncle, aunt and paternal uncle as per the trust deed.
It said Jah is entitled for additional shares being the head of the family in order to maintain the dignity of the Asif Jah house.
13 billion, Jah received about Rs 530 million, his brother Rs 140 million, his mother London-based 95-year-old princess Durrushewar Rs 50 million, sources said.
that one may as well not try to count them.
unworthy of a dealer so truthful and clear-headed as Jah is affirmed to have been.
Under this covenant the Jews continued in possession of the fine little property of Canaan for several hundred years, and they assert that this same Jah lived and conducted his business throughout the whole period.
which we are not to understand that either through thoughtlessness or parsimony he never had small cash in his pocket for the minor occasions of life; but that he was stubborn in his will, unalterable in his ideas, persistent in his projects and plans.
by a firm, under the style of Father, Son, and Co.
are commonly accounted junior partners are in fact only superior servants, the one a sort of manager, the other general superintendent and agent, though Jah may allow them a liberal commission on the profits, as well as a fixed salary.
sharp shaver in the bargain, a terrible fellow for going to law.