Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Sam Sesay of Sierra Leone

sam sesay has been the project manager of asic since its formation.
Joseph Sam Sesay has on Wednesday 13th August 2008 stated that the price of rice is rapidly falling.
Joseph Sam Sesay said agriculture is an essential commercial venture, an engine to socio-economic development.
The All Peoples Congress (APC) party appointee, Dr.
Joseph Sam Sesay has formally taken over as the new Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Forestry from Dr.
Sam sesay was involved in a routine traffic stop during which police made arrests and laid down charges for driving under the influence (DUI.
Sam Sesay is charged with excessive intake of alcohol, at the same time occupying the front seat and vehicle of a drunk driver.
that the grabbers have started putting up structures on them.
with the illegal occupants in order to map out a strategy of retrieving the said land and property of the Ministry.
Sam Sesay said that Sierra Leone has the potential of producing its own rice.
Sesay said agriculture is the prime mover of development, adding that he is determined to make it the engine of socio-economic growth.
Italy has extended 10 million dollars (seven million euros) to help boost food production over the next three years in Sierra Leone, the African country's Agriculture Minister Sam Sesay said on Monday.
As an indigene of the town, and having left the country for about five years, Sam Sesay was not too impressed with the level of development as it is unfolding in his motherland.
Sam Sesay has said that Sierra Leone will soon consider rice importation a thing of the past as government is currently empowering the agriculture sector to produce enough food to feed the entire population.
Sesay said to facilitate the increase in rice production, his ministry has identified producing areas and strategies to employ in order to achieve that end, adding that government has launched what he described as the tractorisation programme at Rolakor in the North of the country.
Agriculture Minister Sam Sesay said on Monday.
to power in September, was working on a new forestry policy.