Minister of Local Government and Community Development Sidikie Brima of Sierra Leone

Local Government Minister Sidikie Brima denied the charge.
Sidikie Brima has suspended from office Paramount Chief Sheku Magba Koroma II of Diang Chiefdom in the Koinadugu District, for what reports refer to as the misuse of power.
Brima said the visit was mainly to go and clarify two contentious issues namely; whether the Sheriff House has the right to contest the Paramount Chieftaincy in the Chiefdom and the method used in the compilation of the Traditional AuthoritiesÂ’ (TA) list.
Brima said that just a week ago, a member of the rebel forces who was believed to have thousands of abducted children in her custody had expressed her willingness to allow access to those children by Government officials and representatives of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and non-governmental organizations.
Brima said that the cessation of hostilities had also allowed the Government to give greater attention to education and health.
Local Government Minister, Sidikie Brima says two months ago UNDP handed cheques to local council treasurers and now the World Bank has handed the first logistic support to local councils across the country.