Minister, Prime Minister's Office Boon Heng Lim of Singapore

Lim was assigned overseas twice to supervise the construction of NOL's new ships - Denmark (1972-1974) and Japan (1976-1977.
Lim was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Kebun Baru (1980-1991.
Lim was Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Labour (1987-1991) and Deputy Speaker of Parliament (1989-1991.
Lim has been a Minister in the Prime Minister's Office since 1993 October.
In 2007, Lim was appointed Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Ageing to oversee issues related to Singapore’s rapidly ageing population.
Lim was Chairman of the National Productivity Board (1991-2003), later known as the Productivity and Standards Board and subsequently the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore.
Lim was also Chairman of the Skills Development Council (1999-2002.
Lim was twice Chairman of the Cost Review Committee to look into cost of living in Singapore (CRC1993 and CRC1996.
Lim has a distinguished career with the trade union in Singapore.
Lim is Chairman of NTUC Eldercare since 2000 and Deputy Chairman of Singapore Labour Foundation since 1997.
Right from the start, Lim was involved in industrial relations.
Lim was instrumental in pushing for a flexible wage system to help older workers keep their jobs and to preserve jobs during difficult economic times.
Through his quiet leadership, Lim built up close rapport and trust with the union leaders.
Lim is known among union leaders for speaking the truth, even when it hurts.
In 1996 August, Lim was conferred the honorary Doctor of Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) for his significant role in developing and fostering the tripartite relationship among government, employers and workers in Singapore.
In November of the same year, Lim received the honorary Doctorate of Civil Law from his alma master, the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne for his "combined academic distinction, business acumen, political commitment and social concern.
Lim was also the Executive Secretary of SMMWU(1981-1991) and advisor to 11 unions affiliated to the NTUC.
Mr Lim described the situation as “dysfunctional”, and noted that about 10 per cent of patients who face increasingly large bills for serious illnesses have to pay more than 60 per cent of their bills.
Urging unions to provide feedback to the Health Ministry, Mr Lim said it would help develop a robust Medishield system that would provide for Singaporeans’ medical needs.
So besides younger workers entering the job market, Mr Lim says older workers making a mid-career switch can also consider healthcare as an option, especially as jobs are redesigned.
Mr Lim is also optimistic the economic recovery last year will continue, although figures will be lower, compared to last year's strong growth, “We have passed the point of jobless recovery.
Mr Lim was speaking to reporters after an activities-filled day at the Jurong GRC Sports-a-thon on Sunday.
Mr Lim said activities like these would keep Singaporeans fit and help them stay employed longer.
I have a view on this,' Mr Lim said when he quashed speculation about a rate cut at the 27th anniversary dinner of the Singapore Industrial Services Employees' Union (Siseu), the second-largest union here with 55,000 members.
Mr Lim was addressing concerns on the government's vision for Singapore at a dialogue session on successful ageing.
Minister Lim was speaking at the inauguration of a new Offshore Jack Up Drilling Rig for Qatar's drilling company, the Gulf Drilling International (GDI) in Singapore last week.
Mr Lim has been with he SNTUC (the national centre for the labour movement in Singapore) for 25 years and was instrumental in the founding of several SNTUC co-operatives.
Despite his busy schedule, MinisterLim was able topick up the sport very quickly, andwas ready fortheCarnivalwhenit arrived.
Mr Lim is the 4th APO Director from Singapore to serve as APO Chairman.
another four terms until he stepped down in 2006.