Minister for Health Boon Wan Khaw of Singapore

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Khaw was elected as a Member of Parliament on 3 November 2001.
Khaw was noted for his role in the National Kidney Foundation Singapore scandal, and made Gerard Ee as the new chairman of NKF following T.
Khaw is married with three daughters, and is known to be a devoted Buddhist.
there were no misleading statements.
their self-esteem and live their lives more confidently.
Mr Khaw was born on 8 Dec 1952 in Malaysia.
Speaking to reporters after his performance yesterday, Mr Khaw said he was also fascinated by Chinese art and gamelan, a genre of Indonesian percussions.
Khaw said he would seek public feedback on the issue, which also is an attempt to combat the "record high" number of new HIV cases in the city-state in 2004, Reuters/Yahoo! News Singapore reports (Reuters/Yahoo! News Singapore, 12/5.
Should we do it? I don't know," Khaw said to reporters over the weekend, adding, "But if you ask me as a parent, I think there is no harm.
Khaw said he would do what is "practical" and "reasonable" to fight HIV/AIDS.
Khaw was appointed head of the SARS Combat Unit, a new government team tasked with handling the SARS crisis, two weeks ago.
I have three girls and you do not know what their boyfriends will be like, Khaw was quoted by The Straits Times as telling local reporters on Saturday.
Khaw said Singapore was at the beginning of a second wave in the development of HIV, where more women are becoming infected.
Nevertheless, Mr Khaw is not giving up: "If we can convert Taufik, we can use Taufik to convert many more of his fans.
Mr Khaw supports the idea as it will jazz up the healthy food campaign and show that having a healthy lifestyle is fun.
Mr Khaw said the reason behind this development is Medisave.
Healthcare costsCiting recent feedback, Mr Khaw said two groups of Singaporeans have expressed concerns about high healthcare costs- the self-employed and middle-class.
Mr Khaw was puzzled as to why the middle-class with high-income should also be worried about healthcare costs.
Mr Khaw said the 6-8 per cent contribution rate stops at $5,000 a month, which is the CPF salary ceiling: "In other words, if you earn more than $5,000, you still pay the same 6 per cent of $5,000.
Dont understand why Ah Khaw is defending his compatriot mangy dog, Dr Teo.
The comment by Khaw came as a surprise given the government\'s firm stand on enforcing the present laws, which prohibit the buying and selling of human kidneys, lungs and other organs.
selling of human kidneys, lungs and other organs.
organs,' Khaw was quoted as saying.
Khaw said he thought the man posed a "low public health risk" because he was isolated quickly.
And though Khaw has said he was only bringing the subject up for discussion, his radical suggestion quickly provoked debate in Singapore's medical community.
I think we should not write off or reject the idea of selling organs,” Khaw was quoted as saying.
The Health Ministry will examine the feasibility of providing payments to unrelated donors to augment the supply of kidneys, Khaw said in Parliament, acknowledging that the suggestion has stirreddebate.
Khaw said the ministry would review possible changes to legislation to allow payments for donations from third parties such as those from the charity and religious sectors.
I have three girls and you do not know what their boyfriends will be like, Khaw was quoted as saying.