Minister for Information, Communications, and the Arts Boon Yang Lee of Singapore

Lee is married to Yap Mee Mee and they have one daughter.
Lee received his early education in Montfort Junior School and Montfort Secondary School.
Dr Lee said this when he was asked to comment about the incident whereby a video by Singaporean artist Lynn Lu was removed from the Art Show because it was deemed to be too similar to a piece created by an American artist, Jason Mortara.
Dr Lee said the Singapore Art Show is the largest of its kind here and it is also a national platform for locals to showcase their artistic talents.
Dr Lee said the arts scene here is gaining momentum, compared to how it was five years ago.
This article focusses more on defending the restrictions which will continue to be in place, rather than the fact that Lee expressed that no action will be taken against those who have posted contents online, according to the CNA write-up.
3 During his visit, Dr Lee is scheduled to call on Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Information, Malaysia and Chief Minister of Pahang, Dato' Seri Adnan Yaakob.
Dr Lee said this after his Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency (GRC) team toured Queen's Street market as part of their campaigning on Friday.
Dr Lee has served in different ministerial posts in the Singapore government since 1986.
In 2003, Dr Lee received UQ's International Alumnus of the Year award at a special graduation ceremony in Singapore on September 23.
In a written reply released yesterday, Dr Lee said current guidelines do allow for nudity in artistic works, including photography publications, "provided they are suitably depicted and not excessive.
In his reply, Dr Lee said there were no universal censorship standards, as every country developed its own based on its social circumstances, norms and values.
PM Lee had said after the 2006 polls that Dr Lee had asked to step down but had been persuaded to stay on until midway through the Government's term in office.
PM Lee said the changes were to 'create space in Mica so that Lui Tuck Yew, as SMS there, will have the full range of the responsibilities under Lee Boon Yang.
With Singapore due to host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, Mr Lee said he needed Dr Balakrishnan at MCYS.
Information minister Lee said however the amendments will draw the line on the type of political films that will be allowed.
Since 1985, Dr Lee has held various political posts, including the post of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Communications and Information, Ministry of Finance and Ministry for Home Affairs.
In 1991, Dr Lee was appointed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.