Minister for National Development Bow Tan Mah of Singapore

Mah was educated at St Michael's School (Now known as Saint Joseph's Institution Junior) and Saint Joseph's Institution.
Mah has held several public service positions; serving as Chairman to NTUC Comfort from 1983 to 1986, Chairman of the National Productivity Board, National Productivity Council, Skills Redevelopment Fund Advisory Council and the former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Singapore Institute of Labour Studies from 1990 to 2002.
Mr Mah joined the public sector as an Administrative Officer in 1973.
In 1988, Mr Mah was elected as one of three Members of Parliament (MPs) for the Tampines Group Representation Constituency (GRC.
In August 2004 and May 2006, Mr Mah was re-appointed Minister for National Development in the Government led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
A passionate football fan, Mr Mah was also active in the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) as its Advisor (1991-1999) and President of FAS (1999-2004.
Mr Mah is also the Adviser of the FAS (2004 – todate), Chairman, National Youth Achievement Award Advisory Board (since 1994); Patron/Advisor, Samaritans of Singapore (since 1994); Chairman of the Singapore Labour Foundation (since 2001) and Patron of the Singapore Productivity Association (since 2006.
Mr Mah was born on 12 September 1948 and is married to Dr Sheryn Kaye Von Senden.
Mah is well placed to comment on such issues having recently spoken at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Corporate Plan Seminar 2007.
Mah has agreed to inaugurate Cityscape Asia, his participation further emphasises the calibre of this event.
Mah has opened Cityscape Asia and found the time to visit our stand.
Mah has led the team since its formation in 1988 and he was the Minister for Communications, Minister for the Environment, Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Minister of State for Communications and Information.
As the new President, I will build on the foundations that Mr Mah has laid and strive to bring Singapore football to greater heights.
Minister Mah has a sharp mind and spoke convincingly.
Substainable development? I don't see how when basically the government is take away this dream from the people by making it higher and higher in the price tags? With current new housing price starting from $220k to $500k (4 to 5 rooms), what would the price be like when it reaches your children generation?! Mah says that why we have 2 and 3 rooms? Isn't that going against the national policy to promote forming family? Last time I recall when this Mah was in the transportation ministry, he had effectively increase our transportation cost! Sorry Eastcoatlife, I don't really share your admiration for this person.
Differential Pricing Policy introduced in 1987- Revised Mortgage Loan Financing Scheme for Resale Flats in 1993- Minister Mah has been with MND since Jun 1999.
Mah has inaugurated Cityscape Asia today, his appearance here further emphasises the importance of the real estate market to Singapore and the region and the calibre and potential of Cityscape Asia, added Hickman.
Kian Min of Tampines GRC earlier this week.
Seen as a move to reduce speculative activity and to stabilise the market, Mr Mah said the measure was sufficient for now.
Mr Mah is there at the invitation of Brunei's Development Minister Abdullah Bakar.
Mr Mah said this when he gave what he called the full picture of Madam Judy Mitchell – whose plight was highlighted by her MP Ong Kian Min of Tampines GRC earlier this week.
Mr Mah said she had bought and sold two flats previously, making profits of about S$190,000.
But Mr Mah said Judy did not make any attempts to find a long-term solution.
Mr Mah was speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for a new bridge that will span the mouth of Marina Bay.
With people soon free to demonstrate there, Mr Mah expressed the hope that they will do so responsibly and be accountable for their actions.
Addressing a now-hot topic, Mr Mah said that sustainable development will continue to be a priority.
Mr Mah was responding to a question by Mr Liang Eng Hwa (Holland-Bukit Timah GRC) on plans to rejuvenate the CBD and develop Marina Bay.
However, Mr Mah said that flats built by HDB will continue to be the mainstay of new supply.
Mr Mah said his checks with HDB showed in the past six years, only 250 were still unsuccessful after taking part in more than four HDB sales exercises.
Mr Mah said in Parliament yesterday that this is consistent with the objectives of the scheme, which was first announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at last year’s National Day Rally.
Mr Mah was responding to calls by some MPs to review the policy on rental flats.
In reply to MPs who shared anecdotes of tenants installing air-conditioning units or sub-letting their rental flats, Mr Mah said that ‘HDB will not hesitate to terminate the flat tenancy of those who abuse or violate the conditions of the lease’, and will re-distribute these to the more deserving cases in the queue.
will bring the evolution of public housing 'to another level.
Explaining why in his written reply, MinisterMrMah BowTan, Ministry of National Development (MND), mentioned that this is to make sure cleanliness and health matters is taken care of at theall HDB estatesIn answering question from Mr Siew Kum Hong (Nominated Member Parliament), Mr Mah said that even though there are cat lovers around, there are also people who are more sensitive prone to problems arises from stray cats.
Mr Mah said there are mainly 3 key reasons.
When asked in Parliament yesterday if the government would look at more measures - such as increasing interest rates - to rein in property prices, Mr Mah said that no further measures are planned.
Speaking at the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore’s 49th anniversary dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel, Mr Mah said any action the Government takes must be carefully calibrated.
We will study these suggestions as we continue to monitor the property market closely,’ Mr Mah said yesterday.
On a more upbeat note, Mr Mah said the committed pipeline of major projects secured in the past few years will create a steady stream of job opportunities and sustain capital spending in the economy in the next few years.
Mah was also quoted as saying during a visit to China that the Sentosa casino resort will be different in several key aspects from one to be built along Marina Bay near the downtown area.