Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Ibrahim Yaacob of Singapore

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On 2 January 1997, Yaacob was elected as one of four Members of Parliament (MP) for the Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency (GRC) and was re-elected in 2001.
Yaacob has been active in community service, both locally and overseas.
Ibrahim bin Haji Yaacob was a Malayan politician.
Dr Yaacob has been active in community service since his schooldays and has been involved with the Association of Muslim Professionals, Jamiyah, Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura and the Nature Society.
Dr Yaacob has been Member of Parliament for the Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency (Kolam Ayer) since January 1997.
In Aug 2004, Dr Yaacob was appointed Minister for the Environment and Water Resources in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Cabinet.
Dr Yaacob was re-appointed in the same capacity following the May 2006 elections.
Dr Yaacob was born in Singapore on 3 October 1955.
As for boycotting American companies like Starbucks and McDonalds, Dr Yaacob said it is not sensible, and does not help the situation.
Dr Yaacob said that the government will be announcing more help for Singaporeans in the upcoming Budget, but he also called on grassroots leaders to work harder to identify those who are struggling and match them to the relevant national programmes.
After the signing ceremony, Dr Yaacob said the project secured by Keppel is the largest environmental engineering undertaking that a Singaporean company has won in the international market.
Dr Yaacob said that the haze is a very serious issue, and the Government, including the affected countries, have put the effort back since 1991.
I think Yaacob is the opportunisticone, not Sylvia.
Yaacob was accompanied on his visits by Singapore’s new Consul-General in Dubai, Mr Dileep Nair, and other senior Singapore Government officials.
While there, Dr Yaacob praised the Emirates’ tolerance, openness and understanding, and expressed confidence that the trip will help to strengthen links between the Muslim communities of both countries.
build a community that we want to build.
Vietnam have reported much higher levels of the disease in 2005.
With my two reminders on 22 Dec 04 and recently on 27 Jun 05, Minister Yaacob is on record of maintaining a DEAD SILENCE not once but THRICE to a citizen's well-meaning feedback.
Note: My feedback on SERIOUS ISSUES (Disease Threats) are the contributions of a SERIOUS-MINDED educated 57-year old S'porean who has "eaten more salt than 50-year old Minister Yaacob has eaten rice" (in Cantonese.
Describing the institute as an eco-system of centres and institutes, Dr Yaacob said there would be more chances for research and industry partners to collaborate infrom the development of technology and its uses, to education.
Yaacob said he spoke with his Indonesian counterpart on Monday to get an update of the haze situation.
Yaacob said Singapore and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) "share a collective interest in the haze situation" because it will affect tourism in the region.
Dr Yaacob is the Environment and Water Resources Minister and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs.
Yaacob said this biennial international congress was being organized by the International Desalination Association (IDA), a nonprofit body dedicated to the development and promotion of desalination technology, water pollution control and water treatment.
population in 1992 to 14 percent this year.
backed moves to impose some form of a ban on smoking in entertainment outlets.
It was a fruitful session and Dr Yaacob took time to explain and provided insight on several issues.
Yaacob said excessive packaging uses energy and other resources unnecessarily and results in more waste than necessary.