Minister for Manpower Kim Yong Gan of Singapore

As a student, Gan received his education in institutions such as Catholic High School and the National Junior College.
Born in Singapore on 9 February 1959, Mr Gan is married with two daughters.
Mr Gan Kim YongBorn in Singapore on 9 February 1959, Mr Gan is married with two daughters.
Mr Gan was appointed Minister of State for Education and Minister of State for Manpower concurrently in 2005.
With both public and private sector experience, Mr Gan is expected to provide fresh and practical perspectives to the Committee.
In making his pitch, Mr Gan said that though raising children was tough, it was well worth the effort.
While Mr Gan was optimistic that Singapore would ride out the problems that came up, he also had advice for workers.
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Economic uncertainties unnerve businesses -- and Mr Gan says that will have an impact on their hiring plans.
Mr Gan says the extent of job cuts will vary from sector to sector.
Still, Mr Gan has a word of caution.
Mr Gan was speaking to the media on the sidelines of a dialogue with some 150 students and residents of the Canberra division in Sembawang.
Mr Gan was undaunted despite the slowing down of the economy, resulting in slower pace of job creation.
Mr Gan says the youth athletes have a tight training schedule to stick to.
On the planning of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games, Mr Gan says the Government wants to find a way to engage the whole of Singapore and not just youths.
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Speaking to reporters later, Mr Gan said the turmoil in the worlds financial markets may cause employers to be more cautious and slow their hirings.
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