President Sellapan Rama Nathan of Singapore

By then, the young Nathan had returned to his birthplace, Singapore, to live, and received his early education in several Anglo-Chinese Schools, such as the Rangoon Road Afternoon School, and later Victoria School.
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Mr Nathan received his early education in several Anglo-Chinese Schools like, Rangoon Road Afternoon School and Victoria School.
When Nathan was in MINDEF, he was Director of Security and Intelligence Division (SID) with the rank of Permanent Secretary.
11 (BNA) President of Singapore Sellapan Rama Nathan received here today Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Deputy Premier, Defense and Aviation Minister and Inspector General.
Nathan is later this afternoon expected to tour Victoria Falls in the capital city of Southern province.
During his tour of the natural wonder in the capital city of Zambia's Southern Province, Nathan said the Victoria Falls, sitting on the border Zambia-Zimbabwe border, has the potential to attract tourists from all over the world.
Nathan is a Singaporean of Indian Tamil descent; his childhood was spent with his three older sisters and parents, V.
One of your problems is infrastructure," Nathan said in a meeting with his counterpart, Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet.
Nathan said Singaporean firm CapitaLand, the largest real estate developer in Southeast Asia, planned to sign deals with Vietnamese investors during his trip.
Biography Early life Nathan is a Singaporean of Indian Tamil descent; his.
Earlier in the morning, Singapore time, Stephanopoulos toured the city of Singapore, while his visit to Nathan took place in the evening.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr.
Singaporean President Sellapan Rama Nathan said President Hosni Mubarak deals wisely with the Middle East problems.
Touring the city of Luxor, Upper Egypt, Nathan expressed his deep admiration of Egypt's ancient antiquities, hailing Egypt's efforts to restore and maintain the pharaohnic masterpieces.
Nathan said his visit to Egypt has paid off as he opened new channels of investments to Indonesian businessmen.
David Livingstone I presume’, which have always given me fond memories of history,’’ Mr Rama Nathan said in reference to the words uttered by a journalist, Henry Morton Stanley, who was sent by the Mission in Scotland to verify reports that David Livingstone had died, when he met him at a place called Ujiji.
President Rama Nathan says the Victoria Falls is the best of all waterfalls in the world and assured that the publicity about it from his country’s media would attract more Singaporeans to visit the world wonder.
Mr Rama Nathan said the Victoria Falls was one of the wonders of the world, but none of the other waterfalls he had seen in the world could be compared to the Mosi-Oa-tunya and commended the Government of Zambia for providing facilities for viewers to see the falls from all angles.
Mr Nathan received his early education in several schools - Anglo-Chinese Primary and Middle School, Rangoon Road Afternoon School and Victoria School.
From 1983 to April 1988, Mr Nathan was Chairman of the Hindu Endowments Board.
In April 1988, Mr Nathan was appointed Singapore's High Commissioner to Malaysia and in July 1990, became Ambassador to the United States of America where he served until June 1996.
On his return, Mr Nathan was made Ambassador-at-Large and was concurrently Director of the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies at the Nanyang Technological University.
Mr Nathan was conferred the Public Service Star in 1964, the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 1967, and the Meritorious Service Medal in 1974.
Nathan is one of dozens of state leaders flocking to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympics which commenced August 8.
President Sellapan Rama Nathan was re-elected for his second term in August 2005.