Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Office Shunmugam Jayakumar of Singapore

Prof Jayakumar received his early education in Raffles Institution and University of Singapore where he graduated with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) degree.
Upon his return to Singapore, Prof Jayakumar took on a lecturing position at the Faculty of Law in the National University of Singapore between the years 1964 and 1981, assuming the position as Dean of the Faculty in 1974.
In 1980, Prof Jayakumar was elected as Member of Parliament for Bedok Constituency, and was awarded the Public Service Star (BBM) that year.
In 1981, Prof Jayakumar was appointed as Minister of State for Law and Minister of State for Home Affairs, as Minister for Labour in 1984 and Minister for Home Affairs again in 1985, with a second portfolio as Second Minister for Law in that same year.
On 1 September 2005 Jayakumar took over the role as Coordinating Minister for National Security from Dr.
relations was a ploy to distract Singaporeans from their economic woes.
resolve the other outstanding bilateral issues like water.
favourite phrases in media interviews even on issues not related to Singapore.
project contained only general allegations but no specific details.
Shunmugam Jayakumar came out for the development of Russia-ASEAN dialogue which is an important instrument to achieve mutual understanding between Russia and ASEAN member-states.
Thailand instituted a number of retaliatory measures after Singapore deputy prime minister Shunmugam Jayakumar met with ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and Mr Thaksin conducted two media interviews in Singapore.
8 per cent of the respondents believed the meeting between Mr Thaksin and Mr Jayakumar was for political interests, and 55.
Just a few days ago, Chinese Defense Minister Cao Ganchuan and Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Shunmugam Jayakumar found themselves in Havana at the same time, a coincidence that reflected a recent flurry of diplomatic activity between Cuba and Asia.