Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Human Rights, and Minorities Dusan Caplovic of Slovakia

Caplovic said the document also could include an apology from Hungary for the expulsion of Slovaks from that country in 1938.
Caplovic described his plan in an interview with the Czech online journal Aktualne.
Caplovic said the document could "take some time" to draft because he wants to "invite politicians and historians to the table.
Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for Knowledge-Based Society, European Affairs, Human Rights and Minorities Dusan Caplovic said this in Bratislava on Monday following his meeting with the representatives of Belgium's Immigration Office.
Caplovic said it's necessary to notify families in Kosice and tell them that they shouldn't let themselves be talked into doing something fooolhardy by various usurers.
Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Dusan Caplovic said in Bratislava on Wednesday that he rejects the Award for Violating the Right to Housing that Slovakia was given this year by Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE.