President Ivan Gasparovic of Slovakia

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President has come to confirm this cohesion of ours and good relations with Austria today, Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic said in an introductory.
Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic has signed an amendment passed by parliament last month which freezes the salaries of selected senior state officials at 2008 levels.
Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic has congratulated Barack Obama on his victory in Tuesday's US presidential election.
office on 15 June, six weeks after Slovakia joins the EU.
fears in Europe that he would function as a shadow-Meciar.
General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, upon his arrival to NATO.
After a medical checkup, Gasparovic said he hopes his car could be repaired "so I could race again," Bratislava's private TA2 TV quoted him as saying.
chairman Ivan Gasparovic was elected as Slovak president.
Ivan Gasparovic is a 63-year old former lawyer.
Slovakia, since the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993.
Gasparovic says he is open to Solyom's ombudsman.
television talk show after his victory was confirmed.
board of the Slovan Bratislava hockey club.
Gasparovic received over 1 million votes, which is almost 60 percent, while Meciar received above 40 percent of all the votes.
The newly elected president Ivan Gasparovic was for long a reliable number two man in the party of Vladimir Meciar before they have turned into bitter foes.
As future president Gasparovic said he would give up the leader position in his party and even quit it.
He says Gasparovic was given an extraordinary chance to become a nonpartisan president.
Political scientist Kusy also says that Gasparovic is far more acceptable for foreign countries than Meciar.
Vasecka thinks that Gasparovic has a chance to start his presidential office with a ? tabula rasa?, not burdened by such a bad reputation abroad as Meciar has.
htmlkrasne mesto -- or \"beautiful city\" -- that is deeply connected to the Slovak Republic, President Ivan Gasparovic said Friday during his first visit here.
Pittsburgh is a krasne mesto -- or "beautiful city" -- that is deeply connected to the Slovak Republic, President Ivan Gasparovic said Friday during his first visit here.
Gasparovic said his meeting with Bush went well.
Gasparovic said he is confident that visa requirements will be dropped at that time.
Gasparovic said the Pens will win the Stanley Cup this season -- "If they play better in the Final this time.
Ivan Gasparovic was the speaker of the Parliament during the times where Meciar was the Prime Minister.
Ivan Gasparovic was born on 27 March 1941 in Poltar in the region of Banska Bystrica.
Then he was again elected as the deputy for HZDS, but when Vladimir Meciar did not include him on the list of candidates for the 2002 Elections, he left the party and founded his own Movement for Democracy (HZD), which was unsuccessful in the elections and Gasparovic had to return to the Law Faculty.
Ivan Gasparovic is married and has two children.
Wary diplomats who once shunned Slovakia for anti-democratic policies when Meciar ruled and Gasparovic was at his side as parliamentary speaker said that deeds, not words, were needed to allay fears that he will hinder Slovakia's integration with the EU and the NATO security alliance, which it joined last month.
Gasparovic has not said how he will wield the presidential veto, but he was supported by the populist SMER party of Robert Fico and both often railed against government reforms saying they hurt Slovaks and have kept unemployment high at 16 per cent.
On June 11, Gasparovic was received by Zych.
Ivan Gasparovic was also received by Senate Marshal Adam Struzik.
pledges to roll back economic reforms.
to make a formal announcement later on Monday.
BRATISLAVA) - Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic said on Friday Irish voters' rejection of the European Union Lisbon Treaty was not a good sign for the EU's future but that the bloc's functioning was not threatened.
Slovak parliament has already ratified the Lisbon treaty and president Gasparovic had given his final approval.