Minister of Defense Jaroslav Baska of Slovakia

It is vital to help the Afghan people rebuild their devastated country and ensure the security of the region," Baska said during the ministersÂ’ visit to Tarin Kut, accompanied by a Dutch delegation headed by Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen.
Baska is on an official visit to Sofia at the invitation of Bliznakov as the aim of the meeting is discussing cooperation between the countries in the military sphere.
Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Baska said that Slovakia would have some 300 soldiers and 100 members of the logistics team in the unit.
However, after a government meeting the proposal was redrafted, but Defence Minister Jaroslav Baska said he would like at least two new planes to be bought, but the costs should not exceed 7.
Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Baska says his country intends to double the number of its soldiers serving in Afghanistan by 2010.
By 2010 we want to rise our mandate in this mission to about 250 or 280 soldiers," Baska said Wednesday at a press conference.
Baska has given Rusnak the post of director of the Defence Ministry's Security Office.
The project is one of the largest between the two countries since they split amicably in 1993, Czech Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanova and Slovakian Defence Minister Jaroslav Baska said at the signing of the agreement.