Minister of Transportation, Post, and Telecommunications Lubomir Vazny of Slovakia

BRATISLAVA (AFX) - Slovakia's transport minister Lubomir Vazny has proposed that the government withdraw from privatisation contracts to sell 66-pct stakes in the Bratislava and Kosice airports to the Vienna airport-led consortium TwoOne, reported SITA news wire.
Vazny said his ministry hopes a court ruling will end the strike.
3 million) debt to Austrian Airlines, the company's majority owner, Transport Minister Lubomir Vazny said in a statement.
In a ministry statement, Vazny said that the cabinet of the Prime Minister Robert Fico has postponed the decision about the air carrier's debts until mid-January.
Speaking in reaction to criticism from opposition SDKU-MP’s Pavol Prokopovic (former transport minister) and Ivan Miklos (former finance minister) regarding the airport’s development, Vazny said that he is convinced that the Finance Ministry will provide the airport with a further Sk2.