Deputy Prime Minister for Legislation Stefan Harabin of Slovakia

Stefan Harabin remains Slovak Supreme Court chairman.
From Czech News Agency) BRATISLAVA, Dec 20 (CTK) - Controversial Stefan Harabin was today re-elected the Slovak Supreme Court chairmen for another five-year term by the court council, Supreme Court secretariat head Eva Sobotova told CTK today.
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Armenian Genocide cant go unpunished, Slovakian Justice Minister and Deputy PM Stefan Harabin said at a press conference on Monday.
Harabin said that the genocide-related has already put on Slovakian Parliaments floor.
Harabin had accused the journalist of damaging his public reputation.
Stefan Harabin is on a three-day official visit to Cyprus.
eJustice for Slovakia New Delhi: The Slovak Minister of Justice Stefan Harabin has announced Slovakia's intention to participate in the development of an integrated European eJustice portal and an information network containing data on lost or kidnapped children.
Harabin has denied that his statement targeted Jews.
It's vitally important in order to reduce the number of long-drawn out disputes in courts, Harabin was quoted as saying.
Slovak Justice Minister Stefan Harabin said the lawsuit had served its purpose and was successful.
served its purpose and was successful.