Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, and Family Viera Tomanova of Slovakia

At the Thursday press conference of his party, Mikulas Dzurinda also said that Labor Minister Viera Tomanova had approved a grant, and not a minor grant, to an organization which had contributed to that financial deficit, and therefore the opposition would discuss, when it meets on Monday, a parliamentary motion to oust Ms.
Tomanova is doing is incompetent, irresponsible, and inhumane,” Mr.
On Aug 13, Tomanova denied any wrongdoing, claiming that a subsidy for a social services provider called Privilegiumwhere she was employed from October 2005 to July 2006was granted in accordance with the law.
Earlier this month, Tomanova was said to have granted European Union (EU) funds to friends bidding for the grants.
Speaking at a session of the parliamentary committee for European affairs, the Premier said that Tomanova is complying with all goals stipulated in the Government Manifesto.
Had he not given me the reasons that he did, I would never have pressed him to quit," said Fico, adding that Tomanova is "as fit as a fiddle.
Mrs Tomanova is a person with the biggest socially-orientated heart I’ve ever met.
Minister Tomanova is being hounded because she wants to carry out changes in the pension system.
Slovakian foreign minister Jan Kubis and labour minister Viera Tomanova had proposed that Slovakia's labour market be open to the EU newcomers, The Slovak Spectator said.
Tomanova said that the cabinet should adopt concrete measures to the pension system by the end of September, to give lawmakers time to approve necessary legislation by the end of this year.
Tomanova says this will secure higher pensions for them in the future, but economic analysts criticise the proposal.
Some 3,550 jobs in Slovakia are currently under the threat of redundancies and another 1,700 may join them by the end of the year, Labour Minister Viera Tomanova said after meeting on October 30.