Minister of Justice Ales Zalar of Slovenia

New Justice Minister Ales Zalar has said in an interview for STA that he will first tackle the strike action by judges and the growing dissatisfaction in the judiciary.
Asked about the situation in the judiciary and his priorities at the beginning of his term, Zalar says that things are not rosy because many employees in the judiciary are unhappy about the strike.
Asked about the outstanding rulings of the Constitutional Court, Zalar says that this will be one of the biggest challenges facing the new government.
There are a number of challenges that need to be tackled fast, starting with the judges' strike," Zalar said after meeting Supreme Court President Franc Testen.
Zalar said he would be asking the government to give him the formal mandate for a proposal to the judges' strike committee.
Zalar said it was unclear whether the matter could be resolved before the Constitutional Court's ruling, but he said talks should nevertheless start.
Zalar supports the termination of the judges strike by the end of the year, changes in penal proceedings, strengthening the role of the Judges Council in appointing presidents of courts, the introduction of mandatory training for candidates for prosecutors and judges, and planning court finances according to their results.
2008 - LJUBLJANA Justice Minister will meet Supreme Court PresidentJustice Minister Ales Zalar is to meet Supreme Court President Franc Testen at 10 AM to discuss the ongoing strike by the judges01.
Aleš Zalar was born on 22 October 1961.