Minister of Health Borut Miklavcic of Slovenia

Borut Miklavcic was named the new director general of the Slovenian Health Insurance Institute (ZZZS) by the ZZZS assembly on Tuesday, 10 December.
Health Minister Borut Miklavcic has a long career in health.
We are heading for difficult times, so our money will have to be spend rationally both for health services and for investment," Miklavcic said in an interview for STA.
Miklavcic says that many concessionaires did their job very well and should be linked to community health care centres.
Slovenia's Labour Force Survey Unemployment at 4.
Health Minister Borut Miklavcic said in Brussels on Tuesday that the EU should set up the system of referential centres for cross-border treatment as soon as possible, adding that such centres could be established also in Slovenia.
On Monday, Miklavcic discussed the possibility of referential centres being established in Slovenia with European Health Commissioner Andrula Vasiliu.
Presenting the 2003 results at a news conference on Thursday, 29 January, ZZZS general manager Borut Miklavcic said that the figures are encouraging, as the losses are by SIT 1.
Health Minister Borut Miklavcic said after taking over from Zofija Mazej Kukovic that health care organisations were recording losses and that solutions will have to be found.