Prime Minister Borut Pahor of Slovenia

Pahor was born in Postojna, then part of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia of the former Yugoslavia, but spent his childhood and youth in the town of Šempeter on the border with Italy.
In his college years, Pahor joined the Communist Party of Slovenia.
In the first free elections in Slovenia in April 1990, in which the Communists were defeated by the DEMOS coalition, Pahor was elected in the Slovenian Parliament on the list of the League of Communists - Party of Democratic Reform.
Pahor was elected as the chairman of the Slovenian National Assembly (the lower house of the Slovenian parliament.
Photo: Srdjan Živulovič/BOBO)Borut Pahor was born on 2 November 1963 in Postojna.
Borut Pahor is fluent in English and Italian, and has working knowledge of French.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor meets President of the National Council 15 Jan 2009 11:30 GMT.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor meets the top innovators of 2008 15 Jan 2009 11:30 GMT.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor meets the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Slovenia 14 Jan 2009 11:18 GMT.
France did during its presidency in the previous half a year, Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor said Monday.
The Government of the Prime Minister Borut Pahor received the support of 51 percent of interviewees; show the results of the Politbarometer public opinion poll conducted this month.
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Pahor received the most votes (30.
Pahor is set to become one of the EUs youngest heads of government after his SD garnered 30.
Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor had offered to hold talks with Sanader before Slovenia on Friday vetoed further Croatia-EU talks over a border dispute between the former Yugoslav states.
A deputy between 1990 and 2000, Mr Pahor was also parliamentary speaker until 2004 before taking a seat in the European Parliament and earning the reputation of a man of compromise.
An international politics graduate from Ljubljana, Mr Pahor has one child with his lawyer partner.
Speaking ahead of an EU inter-governmental conference in Brussels on Friday where Croatia is hoping to open 10 new negotiating chapters, Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor said he was ready to block most of the discussions to prevent any prejudging of the long-running dispute.
LJUBLJANA) - Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor says he has a plan which would trigger the unblocking of Croatia's EU accession, halted by Ljubljana last week over a border dispute.
I have an idea and would like to present it to (Croatian counterpart Ivo ) Sanader, Pahor said in an interview to state television broadcast late on Monday.
Slovenian prime minister Borut Pahor said he was willing to meet Mr Sanader for talks as soon as next week.
At 44, Mr Pahor was able to take control of the country's opposition forces by filling the vacuum left after the collapse of the centre-left liberal democrats, who had been in power until Mr Jansa's victory in 2004.
Speaking to European Parliamentary Speaker Hans Gert Poettering about Croatia’s EU integration, Borut Pahor said that time was running out for Croatia, and that Slovenia had submitted a proposal to the French EU Presidency to resolve the issue of continuing talks with Croatia, but that Zagreb now had to make its position clear, Slovenian media report.
Pahor said his main goal over the next few months would be to concentrate on coordinating the government's work so that we are able to counter the effects of the financial and economic crisis in the world.
We must take it (the crisis) as a challenge and work as a team, Pahor said as he presented his cabinet to the parliament.
Ljubljana - Slovenian centre-left leader Borut Pahor was formally tapped as prime minister-elect Monday and pledged to focus on the economy as the tiny European Union nation faces tougher times.
Slovenian opposition leader Borut Pahor says that he will be entering talks to form a new government soon.
Slovenian PM Borut Pahor has warned that time for solving the problems with Croatia is running out, calling for an urgent meeting with Croatian PM Ivo Sanader.
Pahor said that he had launched the initiative for a meeting with Sanader a few weeks ago to discuss Ljubljana’s reserves that have brought Croatia’s EU accession talks to a standstill.
PM Borut Pahor is to attend the National Assembly extraordinary session to debate the government stimulus package aimed at dealing with the economic slowdown.
PM Borut Pahor is to visit the ministry of health.
PM Borut Pahor is to attend the session of Strategic Economic Council, at which he will present a package of measures to mitigate financial and economic crisis.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor is to attend the European Council meeting together with Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Žbogar and minister of Development and European Affairs Mitja Gaspari.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor is meeting the representatives of youth and pensioner organisations as part of broad development dialogue.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor is meeting trade union representatives as part of the ongoing dialogue with social partners on measures to fight the financial crisis.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor is on a two-day visit to Brussels.
Prime Minister Borut Pahor is to attend a meeting of the Party of European Socialists (PES.