Minister of Interior Katarina Kresal of Slovenia

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A lawyer by education, Kresal is the current president of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia.
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Also speaking in the same meeting, Kresal said she thinks the island should become a full member of the EU as a whole, after settlement of the Cyprus problem.
In the same press conference, Kresal said her party will always stand by Turkish Cypriots, and try to do their best to help them.
Kresal said the Slovenian government does not want this problem to last long and be uncertain.
How about addressing my arguments instead of producing sweeping generalizations about people who are academically superior to you? Remember, I am talking about the ministry of science and higher education - I did not say Katarina Kresal was not fit to run the ministry of the interior for example.
The LDS's Katarina Kresal said that before taking on the many challenges and adopting tough decisions, it was important to first see eye to eye on the content, priorities and goals.
Katarina Kresal was born on 28 January 1973.