Minister Without Portfolio for Development and EU Affairs Mitja Gaspari of Slovenia

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Gaspari was among the candidates at the 2007 Slovenian presidential election, when he was supported by the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia.
After the 'General Affairs' part of the Council meeting, Minister Gaspari is supposed to deliver a statement for the media.
Gaspari had earlier had discussions with the Social Democrats about the candidacy.
Gaspari received the support of 43 MPs in the 90-member parliament, three short of the 46 required for approval.
Gaspari has headed the central bank since 2001 and is credited with helping to ensure Slovenia's successful adoption of the euro on January 1.
In proposing Gaspari, Kučan stressed that he was not at all dissatisfied with the work Arhar has done in that post for the past ten years, but he believes Gaspari has more support in parliament.
Of course, the fact that Gaspari is a member of the ruling Liberal Democrats helps his case a great deal.
Gaspari is currently a Member of Parliament of the Liberal Democratic Party of Slovenia.
FRANKFURT (AFX) - Slovenia's old national money the tolar will have almost disappeared from circulation by the end of this week, marking a successful two-week switch to the euro, the head of the Slovenian central bank Mitja Gaspari said today.
Despite some evidence that the launch of the euro in the euro zone's newest member state Slovenia has pushed up prices, Gaspari expressed satisfaction with the cash changeover process, in an interview with the German daily Die Welt.
Gaspari said Slovenia was intereseted in fighting inflation.
8 percent, towards the inflation level in the eurozone, Gaspari said adding he expected this year's 12-month inflation in the 12 eurozone countries to end between 2.
Gaspari said it was still premature to make any evaluation of the cost of Slovenia's changeover to the euro but added that it will not exceed the average cost in the countries that joined in 2002, and is estimated to have been below one percent of GDP.
sealing the fate of the once highly praised banker.
Outgoing Finance Minister Mitja Gaspari is satisfied with the results of his eight years in office, in particular with the regulation of the financial infrastructure, including supervisory bodies, and the adoption of essential legislation.
This year's inflation will certainly not be as we would like to have it, its rate being largely affected by the strained situation on oil markets, Gaspari said as he summed up his term in office.
I believe we are well-prepared," Gaspari said on Friday.
Gaspari said Slovenia's banking system is ready for the changeover and all testings of the system have been positive.
This caution follows a series of warnings against the fast-growing volume of loans in Swiss francs that Gaspari has served over the course of this year.
Central bank governor Mitja Gaspari said the changeover in automatic teller machines (ATM) had almost concluded by Monday afternoon while a "moderate" number of citizens had visited banks to change tolars into euros.
At the stroke of midnight, Gaspari had made the first withdrawal of euros from the central bank, holding up 10, 20 and 50 euro notes, as well as some Slovenian euro coins, to watching reporters.
Although Gaspari said that it was merely a normal worst-case projection, Slovenian nationalists, among others, cried 'treason,' sealing the fate of the once highly praised banker.