Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Zbogar of Slovenia

We are proude to announce that Ambassador Samuel Zbogar has qualified for Boston Marathon - the worlds oldest annual marathon.
Zbogar says he will wait for the findings of a joint commission of legal experts which is preparing guidelines for third-party mediation, but bilateral resolution should not be ruled out.
Zbogar says that Slovenia is not blocking Croatia, it has just "not given its agreement to their launch yet.
Having spent so many years in the US (he also served at the Slovenian mission to the United Nations), Zbogar has come to be regarded as a "transatlanticist" and friend of the US, labels which he says he is proud of.
Asked what the presidency of Barack Obama would bring for Europe, Zbogar said it would be "a relief and hope that America would return to multilateralism.
In addition, Zbogar was the chargé d’affaires and first secretary at the Slovenian Embassy in China, secretary at the Slovenian Representative Office to the Monitoring Mission of the European Community in Zagreb, adviser to the Department for Neighboring Countries in the Republican Committee for International Cooperation in Ljubljana, and secretary to the Slovenian Delegation at the International Conference on Former Yugoslavia.
Zbogar says hes relieved that the Feb 17, 2008, unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo didnt spark another Balkan war.
In relations with Croatia, Zbogar said he first wanted to create trust with "silent diplomacy.
More broadly, Zbogar said Slovenia would be "ambitious and confident" in international organisations such as the United Nations, the OECD and the Council of Europe.
Zbogar said in a video interview during a recent trip to Atlanta.
Zbogar said would enhance stability and economic interaction in the region.
Zbogar said Slovenian companies would like to establish partnerships with small- to medium-sized companies in the US.
As a result, Slovenia takes over the chairmanship at a time when there is no formal operating budget in placeóa hurdle that Zbogar said must be cleared quickly to focus on the stated goals of the organization.
Despite these clouds of dissension on the horizon, Zbogar said his country hopes to improve consensus and boost the effectiveness of the organization during its one-year chairmanship.
Zbogar said the OSCE chairman-in-office, Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, will embark on an immediate tour of disgruntled member states to listen to their concerns and ascertain ideas about how to make the OSCE more responsive to their needs.
Zbogar said the Commonwealth of Independent States, an organization consisting primarily of Eastern European nations, published two declarations accusing the OSCE of failing to respect their sovereignty.
Zbogar said the organizationís work on human rights issuesóelection monitoring, discouraging anti-Semitism and human traffickingówill continue to be a major priority.
Zbogar said he also hopes that Slovenia can help foster a perception of the OSCE as an organization devoted to helping its member countries.
Zbogar has been Slovenia's envoy in Washington for the past three and a half years.
Zbogar said his post in Washington will probably end shortly after Slovenia hands over the EU presidency to France on June 30.
Zbogar says he's relieved that the Feb 17, 2008, declaration of independence by Kosovo didn't spark another Balkan war.
Despite the current strain in relations between his own country and the current government in Belgrade, Zbogar says Slovenia is urging Serbia to sign this stabilization agreement as a first step for joining the EU.
Regarding Europe's relationship with the United States, Zbogar says the upcoming summit will be an ideal time to reflect on how much things have changed since Bush's first visit to Slovenia in 2001.
Slovenia says referendum possible on Croatia's EU accession08/01/2009ZAGREB, Croatia -- In Wednesday's (January 7th) edition of Jutarnji List, Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Zbogar said that unless the border dispute with Croatia ends in Ljubljana's favour, his country may hold a popular referendum on Croatia's EU accession bid.
Zbogar is already involved in the local community as he ran in the Knoxville Marathon on Sunday to raise money for Bosnian children maimed by landmines.
This year, Slovenian Ambassador to the United State Samuel Zbogar has run several marathons and half-marathons to raise funds for young land mine survivors from Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to provide them with rehabilitation in Slovenia.
From 1997-2001, Zbogar was minister plenipotentiary and deputy representative of the Slovenian Mission to the United Nations as well as deputy to the UN.
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Croatia's accession talks with the EU risk remaining blocked for some time, and its EU entry may eventually face a referendum in Slovenia, if the year-long border dispute between the two countries is not solved soon, Slovene foreign minister Samuel Zbogar has said.
talks with the EU or in third-party mediation on the border.
for Multilateral Affairs and a career diplomat.
Zbogar is accompanying Bruton because Slovenia currently holds the presidency of the Council of the EU.
The visit by Ambassador Samuel Zbogar is prompted by his interest in learning more about the Slovenian community in Central Minnesota, one of the oldest Slovenian settlements in the United States.
Slovenian Ambassador Samuel Zbogar was then introduced and addressed the audience.