Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Sanja Stiglic of Slovenia

Speaking on behalf of the European Union, Slovenian Ambassador Sanja Stiglic said the EU considers the proliferation of those types of weapons around the world as among the "most dangerous challenges and threats to global stability and security, as well as to economic and social development and prosperity.
Stiglic said the EU was committed to curbing the uncontrolled spread and availability of the weapons and ammunition.
The fourth Slovenian ambassador to the World Organisation, Sanja Stiglic is taking over as Slovenia is getting ready to assume the EU's rotating presidency at the beginning of 2008.
Born in 1970, Stiglic is a career diplomat with a university degree in law.
Stiglic has succeeded the third Slovenian ambassador to the UN, Roman Kirn.
Stiglic said the EU also noted progress in three other key priorities - building up Bosnias public administration, implementing public broadcasting legislation, and cooperating with the international war crimes tribunal for former Yugoslavia.
Stiglic said the agreement will provide the framework for Bosnias relations with the EU and will be an essential element to ensure stability and strengthen dialogue within the country.
Speaking on behalf of the European Union, Slovenia's UN Ambassador Sanja Stiglic said the pan-European bloc had already committed 350 million euros to African-led peace operations, particularly in Sudan's Darfur region, in Somalia and the Central African Republic.
Stiglic is a career diplomat had previously who worked in the team of former Slovenian ambassador to the UN Danilo Tuerk.