Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono of Solomon Islands

Fono was the government's candidate to replace Rini as Prime Minister, but he was defeated by Manasseh Sogavare in the parliamentary vote on May 4, receiving 22 votes against 28 for Sogavare.
Deputy prime minister, Fred Fono has warned that the country must brace itself for the impacts of the current global financial crisis.
The Acting Prime Minister, Fred Fono says rural advancement is a responsibility that rests not only with the Government but also all Solomon Islanders.
The Opposition Leader Fred Fono has confirmed that the Opposition did assist a certain government minister when he requested financial assistance to have his son educated in New Zealand.
Mr Fono says the Opposition is somewhat baffled that the Prime Minister had not bothered to find out more about the rendered financial assistance before he exposed what he believed to have been a bribe.
SIBC revealed that a statement issued to the media by the Opposition said that Mr Fono has in his possession the written evidence of the request for financial assistance from the minister.
Mr Fono says the Opposition welcomes the call by Mr Sogavare for Police to investigate the allegation of bribery.
Fono said that criticisms made by Mr.
Opposition leader Fred Fono says he was 'bitterly disappointed' that several government MPs who had promised to back the motion retreated at the last minute.
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THE Government has congratulated Papua New Guinea and its people as they celebrate their 33rd Independence Anniversary on Tuesday.
Mr Fono said many Solomon Islands doctors, lawyers, journalists, agriculturalists, teachers, church leaders, tradesmen and women and telecommunications engineers and technicians were trained in PNG.
Mr Fono said current PNG investors and those that have applied to invest here could pump in $ 800 million into the economy and could provide 3000 jobs.
STEVE MARSHALL: Opposition leader Fred Fono says if the Solomons Islands didn't resemble an ungrateful child before last night's address by Prime Minister Sogavare, then it definitely does now.
Opposition leader Fred Fono says the document will bring about the Prime Minister's downfall when Mr Sogavare faces a vote of no confidence in two weeks.
Mr Fono has denied the bribery allegations but previously admitted giving the money to Mr Nuaiasi in response to the minister's written plea for help to send his son to school in New Zealand.
Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Fred Fono says a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is scheduled to go ahead in parliament today.
The claim was dismissed by Sogavare who said Fono knew he would lose the vote.
Fono said he would also ask a question in parliament about Sogavare's involvement in Tuesday's arrival in the Solomons of fugitive Australian lawyer Julian Moti on an unauthorised Papua New Guinea Defence Force flight.
Fono has said he was confident of winning his vote of no confidence against Sogavare.
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A vote of no confidence against the Solomon Islands prime minister has been deferred after Opposition Leader Fred Fono said he'd received threats from MPs opposed to the motion.
Fono said he was confident Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare would be ousted when the vote goes ahead next Friday, because members of his own coalition government are unhappy with his leadership.
The vote had been scheduled to take place on Friday, but Fono said he'd put it back a week because MPs opposed to the vote had threatened to damage his property, and those of some of his colleagues.
Mr Fono said he paid the money in good faith and had written evidence of the minister's request for financial assistance.
THE Police Commissioner's post in the Solomon Islands would top the new government's agenda when it is elected, Solomon Islands opposition leader Fred Fono said yesterday.
Mr Fono said there would be changes when a new Prime Minister is elected by Thursday and Police Commissioner Jahir Khan's place in office would be discussed.
Asked on the possibility of Mr Khan being replaced, Mr Fono said he did not want to pre-empt at this stage but claimed that Mr Khan's appointment was improper.
Speaking from his home in Honiara yesterday, Mr Fono said Mr Khan's appointment was not secured according to procedures and claimed he was hand-picked.
Asked to comment on Mr Khan's term as commissioner so far, Mr Fono said law and order in the Solomons Islands was not Mr Khan's sole responsibility.
But Fono said he also has a list of supporting lawmakers, including some who appear on Sogavare's list.
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Minister Fono said the introduction of competition in mobile telecommunication would result in significant benefits to consumers, businesses, tourists, and even rural people, throughout the country.
Solomon Islands Parliamentary Opposition Leader Fred Fono said at a press conference after Parliament meeting on Thursday that although the former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was reluctant to resign, a majority vote ensured he was voted out, said the local news service.
Fono said he had an audience with the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, who said that nominations for Prime Minister will be open on Saturday.
arrest in Port Moresby for extradition to Australia.
Mr Fono says the motion is another attempt by the opposition grouping to save the country from the downward trend it is taking.
Mr Fono said his group had chosen former Education minister Dr Derek Sikua to be the mover of the motion.
Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Fred Fono has admitted paying around $A8,500 to a government minister, but denies it was a bribe aimed at making him change political allegiances.
Fono said he paid the money in response to the ministers plea for financial help to send his son to school in New Zealand, Radio Australia reported on Tuesday.
The Solomon Islands' Opposition Leader Fred Fono said he has had assurances from coalition government MPs and party leaders that they will vote against Prime Minister Manassah Sogavare when a vote of no confidence against him is moved when parliament resumes early next month.
Fono said there are already enough numbers to topple the prime minister.
Well, his days are numbered," Fono was quoted as saying.
The Solomon Islands opposition leader, Hon Fred Fono says legislation to stop parties switching allegiance during a parliamentary term would bring stability to the country’s political system.
While the vote was disqualified and did not go ahead, Mr Fono says opposition members still came under huge pressure from cabinet ministers not to support the vote against the government.
Mr Fono says this would not happen if people remained within their parties for the duration of the parliamentary term.
He said PNG is an important partner to Solomon Islands in terms of trade and investment, economic relations, as well as development.
Mr Fono said the valuable assistance rendered by the Papua New Guinea businesses here is a long term partnership.
Mr Fono said a major investment which took place last year was acquisition of the National Bank of Solomon Islands (NBSI) by Bank South Pacific, which is headquartered in Port Moresby.
Mr Fono was speaking at the Pacific launch of the United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) Asia Pacific Human Development Report Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives today.
Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono said the appointment was valid for six months, during which the government would advertise the post.
Mr Fono said that Mr Suri had replaced former Julian Moti, who was deported to Australia in December after he was declared persona non grata by the new government.
Opposition leader Fred Fono said nominations for the premier's post would open Saturday and a vote was expected next Wednesday.
Fono said the opposition, which holds a majority in parliament, would select their candidate for the top job later Friday.
Fono said the first priority of a new government would be to arrest and extradite Moti- the Fijian-born Australian citizen appointed by Sogavare after he jumped bail in PNG last year before traveling to the Solomons on a clandestine PNG military flight.
Thursday, 25 September 2008, 3:59 pm Press Release: Solomon Islands Government Newly Elected PM of the Republic of Vanuatu Acting Prime Minister Hon Fred Fono has conveyed his warmest congratulations to the.
14 October 2006In a blow to Canberras campaign against the government of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, a no-confidence motion put by pro-Australian opposition leader Fred Fono was defeated on October 11 by 28 votes to 17 in the impoverished Pacific nations 50-member parliament.
Fono was referring the attempt by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to have Julian Moti a Fiji-born Australian lawyer who was appointed as the Solomons attorney-general on September 21 extradited to Australia to again face charges that he had sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu in 1997.