Minister of Defense Charles Nqakula of South Africa

Nqakula was unbanned the following year but, because his village had been redesignated as part of the Ciskei independent homeland, he was unable to re-enter South African territory and was declared a prohibited immigrant.
Charles Nqakula was elected publicity secretary of the fledgling United Democratic Front (UDF) in 1983, and was arrested the same year in East London for being in South Africa without a visa.
Upon the demise of the apartheid government and the election of President Nelson Mandela in 1994, Nqakula was elected to the National Executive Committee of the ANC.
On January 24, 2001 Charles Nqakula was appointed as Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, becoming Minister of Safety and Security on May 7, 2002.
After President Thabo Mbeki was forced to resign in September 2008, Nqakula was moved to the post of Minister of Defense in the cabinet of Mbeki's successor, Kgalema Motlanthe, on September 25, 2008.
Nqakula was again criticized while he was in Burundi, promoting peace and democracy, while there was a spate of violent crime in Gauteng.
Writing on the wallThe Scorpions anti-crime unit is to be be dissolved, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula said on Tuesday.
Nqakula was declared a prohibited immigrant unable to enter South African territory.
Nqakula was declared a prohibited immigrant and was unable to enter South African territory.
By this time Nqakula was an underground operative for the ANC, specialising in propaganda.
Nqakula said members of the opposition were seeing "the ugly face of crime" for the first time.
The previous day Nqakula had attacked those who "continue to whinge away.
The Pretoria Community Police Forum area board executive committee said last night if Nqakula was correctly quoted "he should resign with immediate effect.
Nqakula had been elected vice-president of the Union of Black Journalists in 1976, but the organisation was banned the following year.
Nqakula was elected vice-president of the Writers Association of South Africa in 1979 and maintained the position when the organisation broadened to become the Media Workers Association of South Africa.
Nqakula was regularly detained by South African and Ciskeian authorities, so in 1984 he skipped the country.
In 1994, Nqakula was elected to the National Executive Committee of the ANC and was re-elected to the leadership of the SACP in 1995.
The controversial Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula was removed this year by President Kgalema Motlanthe and replaced by a new Minister, Nathi Mthethwa.
This follows a Sunday Times report in which Nqakula said the police were under-resourced and lacked intelligence-gathering skills.
Police are 'under-resourced'Nqakula said it was clear that criminals wanted to kill as many policemen as possible.
Dar Es Salaam: The South African Minister of Safety and Security and the facilitator of the Regional Initiative for Peace in Burundi, Minister Charles Nqakula arrived in Dar Es Salaam on Monday, 4 September 2006 to facilitate the signing of the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Burundi and the Palipehutu-FNL on Thursday 7 September 2006.
Addressing a meeting of technical experts including members of the South African National Defence Force, South African Intelligence Services, the South African Embassy personnel and representatives from the Tanzanian and the Ugandan governments, Minister Nqakula expressed confidence that both the Government of the Republic of Burundi and the Palipehutu-FNL were committed to the peace process.
South Africa's elite, FBI-style Scorpions anti-crime unit will be dissolved, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula said on Tuesday.
Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance is delighted that Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula has agreed to release crime statistics more often than once a year, spokesperson Dianne Kohler-Barnard said on Thursday.
On Wednesday, Nqakula said his department was considering the viability of regular reports on crime trends to communities.
Kohler-Barnard said it was heartening that Nqakula had taken this positive step to address the publics wide-spread concern over safety.
Talking to CNN, Nqakula says his comments -- televised from Cape Town's Parliament Chambers -- weren't meant for the public.
Nqakula says his leave-the-country offer was aimed at three opposition politicians who have been vocal about South Africa's growing reputation as the crime capital of the world.
Why should we put up with murders?'Nqakula has an unlikely ally in Samantha Goldin, sister of a young, well-known South African actor who was killed in April.
Nqakula said the media must ask for evidence whenever someone approached them with information.
immigrant and was unable to enter South African territory.
underground operative for the ANC, specialising in propaganda.
Safety and security minister Charles Nqakula says police may report "crime trends to communities.
Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula has told the nation that his department is looking at the possibility of "reporting crime trends to communities", over and above the annual crime statistics report.
The new idea from Nqakula is that members of the SA Police Service (SAPS) "will go to the communities and give a full report on the crime trends in the given areas.
Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula was once a journalist.
Nqakula said that, although companies would be encouraged to invest in South Africa, the interests of the South African workers would not be jettisoned in the process.
Nqakula was very enthusiastic about the growth of the SACP from a few hundred members in 1990 to over 60,000 by December 1992.
Charles Nqakula said We are talking about a process that has to have coordination between all the parties involved for the growth required.
Nqakula denied there was an accord between workers, management and the ANC, but as a part of the process of transformation through the RDP, workers do want coordination, but with strong rights in their favour.
When Charles Nqakula was appointed it was said that he had given the S.
Long-term facilitator for Burundi, Nqakula was reappointed last week.
Nqakula today had to meet with FNL delegates in Tanzania in order to move forward the peace process which derailed in July 2007, but talks did not take place today in Dar es Salaam since Charles Nqakula had to fly to Addis Ababa.
PRETORIA: South Africa’s Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula said yesterday that 56 people had been killed in anti-immigrant violence but the unrest had been brought under control.
There are 56 people dead, many of them (as a result of) opportunistic criminal acts,â€‌ Charles Nqakula said here.
Xenophobic violence against foreign nationals has been brought under control, South Africa's Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula said on Monday.
Nqakula said the briefing with Mbeki was to discuss progress made following the attacks as well as to deal with welfare issues and national security resulting from the attacks.
Nqakula said a meeting would be held on Monday night to discuss issues such as moving people who had been displaced by the violence to temporary welfare centers.
Tue, May 27 12:16 AMJohannesburg, May 27 (IANS) The xenophobic violence that has wracked South Africa for the past fortnight is now under control, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula said here Monday evening following a briefing with President Thabo Mbeki, even as the president came under increasing pressure for what many see as a late response to the situation.
Providing some statistics, Nqakula said to date 1,384 suspects have been arrested for their involvement in the violence and robberies, in which 342 shops belonging to foreign nationals across the country had been looted while 213 had been burnt down.
Photo: Judith Basutama/IRIN South African Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula is the facilitator in Burundi peace talks BUJUMBURA, 30 August 2007 (IRIN) - The mediator in the Burundian peace process, South Africa's security minister Charles Nqakula, has said a lasting peace accord between the government of Burundi and the rebel group that remains outside the peace process must be concluded by year-end.
Nqakula said FNL's spokesman Pasteur Habimana had expressed to South Africa the movement's willingness to "to go back to the Joint Verification and Monitoring Mechanism that had been discussing ways to implement the ceasefire agreement, but whose activities have been regularly at a standstill.
PRETORIA - Burundi rebels will rejoin a truce monitoring team they quit in July, South African facilitator Charles Nqakula said on Monday, boosting efforts to bring a lasting end to a decade of conflict.
NQAKULA expressed appreciation on behalf of himself, the African Union and the Regional Initiative for the constructive and supportive remarks made.