Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Dumisani Shadrack Kumalo of South Africa

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Kumalo was subsequently appointed as South Africa's Permanent Representative to the United Nations; he presented his credentials as Permanent Representative on April 21, 1999.
Dumisani Shadrack Kumalo is the Ambassador to the United Nations for South Africa.
son who works as an investment banker in South Africa.
in a multinational foreign journalists' project in 1973-74.
about this particular issue, Kumalo said at the time.
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particularly about the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Kumalo was Director of the United States Desk at his country's Department of Foreign Affairs.
Kumalo said it was up to the Security Council to evaluate all the agreements and decide how to proceed.
Kumalo was concerned about an ambiguous outcome that would ultimately allow United States military action.
On Mar 17, British Ambassador to the UN Emyr Jones Parry requested UN officials to conduct “humanitarian briefing,” however, South Africa’s ambassador Dumisani Shadrack Kumalo said his government would have no part of bringing Zimbabwe before the Security Council.
Roundtables, since the Resolution in Bali was quite clear about this.
only one person would speak for each group.
Kumalo is a noted lecturer on South Africa, presenting lectures at a number of American colleges and universities.
South African Permanent Representative Dumisani Shadrack Kumalo discussed how he cannot imagine sanctions as an effective stick when dealing with the brutality of Mugabe.
O'HARA: Kumalo says the issue deserves very broad consideration, even beyond the Security Council.
South Africa looks forward to working with you and your delegation in your new role as a member of the Core Group on Timor-Leste," Ambassador Kumalo said in the letter of acceptance addressed to Ambassador Davide.
Addressing an ''open meeting'' of the Security Council, Kumalo said that 11 years of UN.
While calling upon Iraq to comply with all relevant Security Council resolutions, Kumalo said that no member state should be exempted from carrying out obligations as determined by the Council.