Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Enver Surty of South Africa

Enver Surty describes his new job as walking into the eye of the storm.
Speaking at a graduation ceremony of over 100 National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) prosecutors, Surty said he was aware of the pressures they would face, but that they would need to act impartially and with integrity.
Surty said he would not interfere with the NPA's decision to appeal Judge Chris Nicholson's ruling regarding ANC president Jacob Zuma's prosecution.
Surty said he would also not meddle with former president Thabo Mbeki's application to the Constitutional Court regarding Nicholson' s finding that there might have been political interference in the same case.
Johannesburg JUSTICE Minister Enver Surty said yesterday he had asked the Public Service Commission to investigate the department's director-general Menzi Simelane, whose conduct the Ginwala inquiry found to be highly irregular.
Surty said he regarded the Ginwala findings as very serious as public servants had constitutional imperatives that included a high standard of professional ethics, accountability and transparency.
The funds will be distributed to all 50 FET colleges in the country, Education Deputy Minister Enver Surty was quoted as saying by BUA News.
Addressing the Black Science, Technology and Engineering Professionals (BSTEP) in Pretoria, Thursday, Surty said his department was committed to ensuring that learning institutions had the capacity to deliver quality education.
Regarding the improvement of learning institutions that provide or specialise in science-related fields, Surty said where there was a need for more qualified educators, the department would not hesitate to recruit.
Mr Surty said the skills required for teachers of today are much different than in the past.
On whether the director-general would be asked to take leave, Surty said his department had a lot of work to do but that if he was found to have impeded the administration of justice he would absolutely ask him to take leave.
Surty said he had already spoken to the chairperson of the commission who said he would attend to the matter urgently.
Justice minister Enver Surty has called on the country’s judges to resolve their disputes outside of courts in an apparent reference to the raging legal battle between Cape Judge President John Hlophe and the Constitutional Court judges.
Surty said although he respected citizens’ rights — including judges’ — to litigate against each other, it would augur well for democracy if the judiciary avoided court battles.
Due to current legal and technological constraints, Justice Minister Enver Surty said investigators presently only had access to fingerprints stored on the South African Police Service (SAPS) Afis system, despite there being other departments that also have fingerprint databases.
News - South Africa: 'Most Scorpions to join new unit'Date Posted: Friday 21-Nov-2008Justice Minister Enver Surty says he has been told that about 80 percent of Scorpions investigators will move over to the new unit to be created under the police - the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI.
Surty said no investigator would be forced to transfer to the DPCI and that the provisions of the Labour Relations Act will be strictly observed in managing the transfer of staff.
Surty said Scorpions members could exercise the choice to remain with the National Prosecuting Authority or move elsewhere in the public service.
Surty was speaking after opposition MPs described the passage of the bills as a tragic saga in which the citizens of the country would be the losers, with one delegate warning that South Africans would take their revenge when they went to the polls next year.
The Deputy Minister of Education Enver Surty says human resource management and development can assist in bridging the gap between the first and second economies.
Mr Surty was addressing the Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit (RAU) conference celebrating its 25th anniversary of human resource management in Johannesburg.
Mohamed Enver Surty Mr Surty is currently the Deputy Minister of Education in South Africa.
If Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Enver Surty has his way, new legislation regarding human trafficking could be in place by the end of next year.
Speaking at the South African Law Reform Commission's conference on Tuesday, Surty said protection offered by current laws was not sufficient.
Surty said about 12,4-million people, mostly children and women, experienced one or other form of slavery like forced labour and sexual bondage across the globe.
Mr Surty said there had been, in particular, tremendous strides in broadening access to higher education.
Deputy Minister Surty described the underlying reasons for low graduating rates as being numerous and complex.
Deputy Minister of Edu-cation Enver Surty says government hopes to have no functionally illiterate or illiterate people in South Africa by 2015.
Surty says the department will target an enrolment figure of 1,2-million people in 2009.
To watch a video in which Deputy Minister of Education Enver Surty describes government's improved literacy campaign, click here.