Minister of Housing Lindiwe Sisulu of South Africa

Sisulu was born to ANC leaders Walter and Albertina Sisulu in Johannesburg.
From 1975 to 1976 Sisulu was detained for her anti-apartheid activities.
In 1980 Sisulu received a BA degree and Diploma in Education, and in 1981 received a BA Hons in History from the University of Swaziland.
Sisulu was born on the 10th of May 1954, in Johannesburg.
About 30 000 government officials are facing legal or court action for housing fraud, Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has said.
Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has uncovered wide-scale corruption among government officials involved in housing subsidies.
National Housing Minister Dr Lindiwe Sisulu has welcomed a court decision to impose 'hefty' fines on 11 KwaZulu-Natal government officials who pleaded guilty to housing fraud.
Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has lambasted UDM leader Bantu Holomisa for 'exploiting' the concerns of Joe Slovo residents.
Sisulu was the admor for the ANC Department of Intelligence and Security in 1992.
Sisulu has been a member of parliament since 1994.
Sisulu is currently a member of the ANC NEC, a member of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, and the head of the ANC Intelligence.
Sisulu has been Minister of Housing since 2004.
META name="description" content="Whether you live in a R30-million mansion or township pondok, Lindiwe Sisulu says she.
Minister of Housing of the Republic of South Africa.
Sisulu was born in 1954, in Johannesburg.
In fact the only reply by Sisulu was a disdainful one reported in an article in the back pages of the Weekend Argus (25/8/2007.
Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is playing with fire.
During question-and-answer time, Sisulu said that the government was developing a national database with strict criteria that would give housing first to children, the elderly, the sick and women-headed households.
Sisulu said the new database was aimed at eliminating corruption in allocating houses.
Sisulu said she felt comforted by the progress she saw in housing delivery, but that the challenges her ministry faces "have been particularly bruising.
The Housing Department has spent more than 90% of this year's R10,6-billion budget, but Sisulu has since last year pleaded for a one-off rescue package of R26-billion from the treasury.
Sisulu said these options were explained to shack dwellers in Cape Town, but that people's impatience and hunger for housing had driven them to rush into occupying rental flats.
So Sisulu is plain lying when she states that its people just wanting to 'get mine.
Sisulu has called it the "spearhead" of the government’s revamped Comprehensive Housing Plan.
After a less than rosy tenure as head of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and a less invisible tenure as deputy minister of home affairs - Sisulu is finally claiming her glory.
Sisulu admits to housing blunders (Cape Argus) Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has admitted that the country's flagship housing project, the N2 Gateway, has been a "terrible learning curve.
Sisulu was called to a meeting in November by aggrieved developers who complained they had not received a cent for several months.
As well, at the whim of the minister, her declaration punishes each resident for refusing to cooperate with government, without even giving them a hearing - a third constitutional violation! Sisulu is losing her senses.
In fact the only reply from Sisulu was a disdainful one reported in an article in the back pages of the Weekend Argus of 25 August 2007.
But there is a way out of this conflict, if Sisulu lives up to her responsibilities.
Lindiwe Sisulu has a particular responsibility in this.
Sisulu was referring to an award presented to her predecessor, Sankie Mthembi-Mhahanyele, last year by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.
Sisulu said that based on a 2001 census, about 10 million South Africans live in shanty towns – but warned this figure may well have risen.
Housing minister Sisulu is also confronted with a lack of cheap, available land to resettle the poor.
5 million housing units built by the government since 1994, which were still without title deeds, housing minister Lindiwe Sisulu said yesterday.
Sisulu said an ANC policy conference resolution focused on the need to extract collateral value from the ownership of title deeds.
Sisulu said that all qualifying 10 000 military veterans would received government subsidised houses by December 2009.
Minister of Housing Lindiwe Sisulu in New York Minister of Housing Lindiwe Sisulu is in New York attending the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and related events and meetings.
Lindiwe Sisulu is on a mission to sell a vision of people-friendly towns and cities that will become socially integrated engines of growth.
Sisulu is promoting a 10-year plan to eradicate the squatter camps that are home to 2.
About 30,000 South African government officials are facing legal or court action for housing fraud, the South African Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Tuesday.
Sisulu said there is a growing number of younger people receiving houses, leading them to believe that they could have passed the phase where those over 70 were still waiting for their houses.
Sisulu said on Monday if Joe Slovo residents did not co-operate, they would be removed from all housing waiting lists.
Cape Town - In order to address the country's housing needs, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has called for increased spending on housing provision and for African governments to gain more insight into rural- urban migration.
Ms Sisulu said budgetary allocations towards housing should be increased, explaining that the close to two million houses produced by South Africa's democratic government, were built with funds from 1.
Dr Sisulu is also chairperson of the African Ministerial Committee on Housing and Urban Development.