Minister of Labor Membathisi Mdladlana of South Africa

know how to produce food and be self-sufficient and sustainable.
Minister of Labour Membathisi Mdladlana said he was mostly satisfied that the Health and Safety measures were being effectively implemented following his tour of the site.
Mr Mdladlana said the failure of companies to promote and implement Safety measures for workers in the construction industry was a major concern for the Department and that was why they would be holding similar blitz inspections on other constructions sites.
Addressing the media at a Construction Summit hosted by the department in Johannesburg on Tuesday, Minister Mdladlana said while he was hoping to increase their remuneration, the department was working on increasing the number of inspectors.
Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has urged workers' unions to play an active role in preventing the high rate more Workers must Report Unsafe Working ConditionsSouth Africa.
January 30 2007Sending young men to the army could help end violent crime, Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana said at the weekend.
Mdladlana said that the bull would be slaughtered without being anaesthetised.
The new year would see "an even more" intensified fight against employment-equity violators, Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana said on Monday.
Mdladlana said the department's investigation of such companies -- which led to much controversy this year -- was just the beginning.
Mdladlana said people who accused him of saying that conditions in the country were conducive to free and fair elections were lying.
The SA cabinet also waded into the row yesterday with a statement apparently designed to extricate itself from the mess Mdladlana had created without openly rebuking him.
migrant workers who were employed in this country's mines.
agreements with Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Mdladlana was commenting on a feasibility study on reducing the current 45-hour working week.
Not convinced of need for Cosatu visitMembathisi Mdladlana, the labour minister, has told Cosatu that he has been qouted out of context to say that the union needs permission to go to Zimbabwe.
This comes after Mdladlana met with Paul Mangwana, his Zimbabwean counterpart, to discuss labour issues.
Mdladlana says he is not convinced that there is a need for Cosatu to visit Zimbabwe, as issues raised by the federation can be handled through the social dialogue provision enshrined in a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.
While the CEOs of SA’s 23 Setas would not lose their jobs as had been reported, the department was discussing whether the number of Setas should be cut, Mdladlana said at an Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies Seta graduation ceremony in Johannesburg.
Mdladlana was referring to a Mail & Guardian article, allegedly written from papers leaked to the newspaper, which said that he planned to reduce their number from 23 to five through a system of mergers.
Announcing the amendments after their endorsement by the ANC cabinet, Mdladlana said they would send a clear signal to local and foreign investors that we are seeking to create a labour market that is efficient and stable.
LABOUR Minister Membathisi Mdladlana is considering taking drastic steps to curb the way sectoral education and training authorities (Setas) invest surplus funds in the wake of the collapse of the Fidentia investment company.
Mdladlana said a quick audit of Seta finances showed the authorities — funded from a tax of 1% on payroll which is supposed to be used to organise and oversee education and training in their sectors — showed an estimated R3,8bn was invested by these bodies in various accounts.
Mdladlana said Ferreira had contributed immensely to the financial successes of the Fund over the past two financial years.
hampering land reform in his country.
workers, most of whom entered the country illegally.
South Africa's Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has been unanimously elected as the new governing body chairperson of the United Nations affiliated International Labour Organisation (ILO.
I am humbled by the honour bestowed on me and will do my level best to carry out the mandate," Mdladlana said in accepting the position in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday.
Mdladlana is attending the ILO's annual conference and leads the South African delegation consisting of government, business and labour representatives.
Mdladlana said challenges he was facing in his new position included issues of forced labour in Myanmar, the plight of the Palestinian workers in occupied Arab territories and employment relations in various countries.
Equally important for Mdladlana is to ensure that resolutions reached at this year's 95th Session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva are implemented.
Reacting to the subsequent storm of controversy, Mdladlana said too many people had already concluded that elections in Zimbabwe would not be free and fair.
continue to conduct inspections to ensure compliance at all times.
African minister to visit China on job creation SouthAfrican Labor Minister Membathisi Mdladlana is to leave for China on Friday to discuss employment creation and coordination in international labor organizations.
Page Boikanyo, spokesman for the ministry said Thursday that Minister Mdladlana is to pay a visit to Beijing "with an intention of strengthening bilateral relations with his Chinese counterpart.
Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has emphasised the importance of ensuring that fishermen are given a fair deal in the international market.
Minister Mdladlana was speaking after being engaged in discussions in the Commission on Work in the Fishing Sector at the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland, where he is attending the conference's 92nd session.