Minister of Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi of South Africa

Political activist and businessman Richard G Baloyi was in Pietersburg district in 1897.
Baloyi was often involved in disputes concerning bus fares to and from Alexandra.
When in August 1943 the bus fare was increased and the inhabitants of Alexandra started a general bus boycott, Baloyi was a member of theEmergency Transport Committee who negotiated with the bus company for the lowering of the fare to the original.
In the 1940s local white interests began to threaten the right to freehold in Sophiatown and Alexandra and by 1943 Baloyi was chairperson of the Alexandra Anti-Expropriation Committee, a committee trying to protect the interests of African entrepreneurs of Alexandra.
From 1944 Baloyi was one of the leaders of the anti-pass campaign.
In 1948 Baloyi was one of the ANC delegates to negotiations with the All-African Convention (AAC) a national organisation originally founded in the 1930s to protest the downgrading of the African franchise.
Baloyi remained a councillor until 1942.
In May 1939 Baloyi was a member of the ANC deputation to Cape Town who met with the Minister of Native Affairs and the parliamentary representatives of the Africans.
Baloyi was married to Elizabeth Baloyi and though his death certificate indicates that he had no children, he named a son as executor, and probably also had three daughters.
The Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Mr Richard Baloyi met with a range of stakeholders to engage on service delivery issues in the Capricorn and Vhembe Disricts of the Limpopo province on 24 November 2008.
Minister Baloyi has committed to ensure continuity to the work that has been carried out in the public service; that the people's contract is met through service delivery and that the public service continues to show professionalism through embracing the Batho Pele principles.
Baloyi said that the main objective of the event was for him to listen to the communitys concerns regarding service delivery in the area.
The recently appointed Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Mr Richard Baloyi, wishes to "express my unequivocal appreciation to the President of South Africa, Mr Kgalema Motlanthe and the leadership of the African National Congress for their inspired leadership and the confidence that they have placed in me by appointing me to this portfolio," said Minister Baloyi.
Stepping stones from his role as chairperson of the public service committee to public service and administration minister means Richard Baloyi knows the complexities of public service.
Baloyi has shelved the Single Public Service Bill, a long and dogged attempt to streamline the working conditions of civil servants across the three spheres of government.
Richard Baloyi is recognised as one of the martyrs of the Alex bus boycotts.
A prominent businessman in the township, Baloyi lived in Second Avenue and played a leading role in the area's civic matters, contributing to its general governance and fighting against the injustices meted out to blacks.
The Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Mr Richard Baloyi met with the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) board and management in Pretoria on 6 November 2008, to look at the current state and the future of SITA.
A prominent businessman in the township, Baloyi lived in Second Avenue.
In preparation for the voter registration for the 8 and 9 November 2008, all Department of Home Affairs offices will be opened between 7am to 5pm to assist with all ID related issues, Minister of Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi said during the Governance and Administration Cluster briefing at the Union Buildings on Friday.
Addressing delegates at the closing ceremony of the conference, South African Public Service and Administration Minister Richard Baloyi said the conference was able to reach its objectives.
Baloyi said the greatest challenge for government administrations was to overcome constraints of implementation and match good intentions with visible impact.