Governor, Reserve Bank Tito Mboweni of South Africa

Reports that Governor of the SARB Tito Mboweni is going to become the leader of Cope have been denied by Cope officials.
The youngest of three children, Tito Mboweni was born on 16 March 1959.
Tito Mboweni was Minister of Labour from May 1994 to July 1998 in President Nelson Mandela's cabinet.
Tito Mboweni was a member of the ANC's National Executive and National Working Committees and was also Chairperson of the National Executive Committee's Economic Transformation Committee, which coordinated the development of ANC economic policies.
Tito Mboweni is a keen fly fisherman and an avid spectator of soccer.
Mboweni has campaigned consistently against excessive increases for public servants, urging the government to be guided more by the treasurys 3 percent to 6 percent inflation target than by the actual inflation rate, which hit 13 percent this month.
Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni has received a pay increase of more than 25% in the past financial year, the South African Broadcasting Corporation reported.
The actual reason that Govenor Mboweni received a salary increase of 25% is mainly because he hasn’t had an increase in 6-7 years.
Governor Mboweni is outstanding at his job and surely deserves the pay increase he has received, taking in mind all the personal sacrifices he has made (and wants to make in future terms) in assuring sustainability in South-African Reserve Bank Management.
I think Mboweni is trying to compare himself with back chiefs in the private sector who are getting millions of rands.
These sre some of the best paid back chiefs in the world and Mboweni has placed himself among the world bank chiefs.
To be sure, Mboweni takes his share of flack by the region's economic intelligentsia.
Wanna know why Mboweni is so hard-assed on inflation? And Zimbabwe? Alec Hogg reckons he learnt from the best.
As he was attempting to conduct the meeting, Mboweni was frequently interrupted by Michael Deurr, a shareholder who says he owns about 5% of the Bank's stock.
Mboweni has lost it completely and, like many of his type, is perfectly capable of.
Time for change, Mboweni is becoming a victim of his situation, he has been in his position to long and believe that he is now a Baas.
If you take race out of it I think you'll find that Mboweni has been South Africa's best Reserve bank governor by a long shot.
Tito Mboweni is born, the youngest of 3 children.
On global banking factors, Mboweni said things were particularly unstable.
As far as the domestic picture was concerned, Tito Mboweni said “the country needs to understand the need to couple prudence with consistency in its macro-economic policies.
Mboweni said that a further check had revealed that there was no such exposure in South Africa with the exception of one very small instance and this “had been resolved.
Tito Mboweni is the eighth Governor of the South African Reserve Bank and has served in this capacity since August 1999.
The youngest of three children, Mboweni was born on 16 March 1959 and was raised in Tzaneen in the Northern Province.
In 1997, Mboweni was appointed as Head of the ANC's Policy Department which was responsible for managing ANC policy processes.
Mboweni was also appointed one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow in 1995.
Governor Mboweni was also installed as the Chancellor of the University of the North-West on 23 February 2002.
I was in shock when I found out that Central bank governor Tito Mboweni received a 27.
Tito Mboweni has brought a new transparency to South Africa's central bank.
JOHANNESBURG - SAs repo rate has been cut by 50 basis points -- or half a percentage point -- following the meeting of the Monetary Policy committee of the SA Reserve Bank, Governor Tito Mboweni said on Thursday.
JOHANNESBURG - Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni is keeping quiet about the pending R1 million racist lawsuit against him.
JOHANNESBURG - Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni is facing a million-rand lawsuit unless he makes an unconditional public apology for labelling one of the banks shareholders a racist.
JOHANNESBURG - The attitude of one of the shareholders at the South African Reserve Banks 88th ordinary annual general meeting was racist, SARB Governor Tito Mboweni said on Thursday.
JOHANNESBURG - South African banks had little direct exposure to the US mortgage-backed securities market, SA Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni said on Thursday at the banks 88th ordinary annual general meeting.
JOHANNESBURG - Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni is talking tough on Investec once again, CNBC Africa said on its website on Thursday.
JOHANNESBURG - The SA Reserve Bank has hiked the repo rate by 50 basis points to 12 percent, the banks governor Tito Mboweni said on Thursday following a Monetary Policy Committee meeting.
Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni said the banks forecasts suggested the targeted CPIX inflation rate was no longer expected to breach the 3% to 6% target range, peaking at 5.
Mboweni said consumer spending continued to grow robustly with only tentative signs of abating, and warned that the bank was studying proposals to increase the reserve requirements of commercial banks in a bid to curb still high credit growth.
Mboweni said the 50-basis-point hike was in light of the further deterioration in the inflation outlook, but mindful that the economy is responding to a less accommodative monetary policy stance.
Mboweni said the Bank had been bombarded with 5000 letters begging it not to raise interest rates again.
Mboweni said the Bank's latest forecasts excluded any increase in the 14,2% electricity price hike granted to power utility Eskom.
Mboweni has since July 1 taken over the responsibilities of Marcus, a deputy governor who was in charge of running the bank's supervision department, exchange control, financial services department and the financial stability department.
In the face of considerable pressure, Mboweni has largely resisted trying to manage the exchange rate, preferring to emulate other, more-developed economies that base monetary policy on inflation targeting.
Tito Mboweni is South Africas Reserve Bank governor.
The challenge now for Mboweni is to maintain economic stability and momentum, which may be challenging in the coming months if oil prices continue to rise and the value of the rand weakens.
After two years in the job, the South African Reserve Bank’s governor Tito Mboweni has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and market players.
When Mboweni took office in 1999, the outlook for South Africa was not encouraging.