Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel of South Africa

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Trevor Manuel is back on the line now.
On 15 August 1986 Manuel was again detained under the emergency regulations for almost two years until July 1988.
After the unbanning of the African National Congress (ANC) Manuel was appointed deputy co-ordinator in the Western Cape Province.
At the ANC's 1991 national conference Manuel was elected to the National Executive Committee.
Manuel was elected as an ANC Member of Parliament in 1994 and was appointed by President Nelson Mandela as Minister of Trade and Industry, and in 1996 as Minister of Finance.
In April 2008 Manuel was announced chancellor of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
The doomsayers were out when Trevor Manuel was appointed finance minister in 1996.
Manuel has a rare talent: he thinks around corners.
When Manuel took over the finance ministry, interest costs amounted to more than 20% of total government expenditure.
By Ethel Hazelhurst::: Manuel has a rare talent: he thinks around corners.
Finance Minister Trevor Manuel was one of this group, although he has since been re-appointed to the new cabinet.
Just let it lie, Manuel is reported to have said to Feinstein, then co-chair of SCOPA, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts.
Green should have made me wait to find out the answer to my second question, whether Manuel is really a neoliberal.
Trevor Manuel was not alone at the OECD meeting.
Don't worry, Pieter Mulder probably doesn't know what “fiscal” means either.
The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDMYV) hopes that the Minister of Finance's, Trevor Manuel, warning that the cost of nationally providing Nevirapine would use up the entire health budget, would not be used as an excuse not to do so at all.
Although Minister Manuel has announced a large increase in the budget for spending on South Africa's fight against HIV/Aids, the UDMYV hopes that these funds will be properly administered and successfully and effectively used.
In September 1985 Manuel was detained and then banned until 31 August 1990.
At the ANC's first regional conference in 1990 Manuel was elected publicity secretary.
African Minister of Finance since June 1996.
ANC Manuel was appointed deputy co- ordinator in the Western Cape.
Industry and in March 1996 he was appointed Minister of Finance.
Trevor Manuel has been South African Minister of Finance since June 1996.
After the unbanning of the ANC Manuel was appointed deputy co- ordinator in the Western Cape.
After the April 1994 elections Manuel was appointed Minister of Trade Industry and in March 1996 he was appointed Minister of Finance.
Manuel has agreed to give Eskom R30 billion in the next fiscal year to avoid power outages while the global credit crisis has cut demand for exports.
South African minister of finance Trevor Manuel said last week that Africa has exciting economic opportunities despite the low base and bureaucratic hiccups.
Addressing Members of Parliament in the National Assembly on Tuesday, Minister Manuel said South Africans needed to maintain a healthy growth rate in government spending, while keeping borrowing modest sustaining low long-term interest rates.
Manuel was employed by the Mobil Foundation as a Policy Manager on Entrepreneurial and Community Development but after a couple of years he returned to public office when he was elected to the African National Congress (ANC) in 1991.
Manuel has held several positions in multilateral institutions including appointments as Governor on the Board of the World Bank and the African Development Bank Group, among others.
Manuel has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years: he was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader for Tomorrow (January 1994), awarded the Africa Prize by the German Africa Foundation, jointly with the then South African Minister of Finance, Derek Keys (September 1994), inducted as a member of South African Academy of Engineering (February 2001), as well as having received several honorary doctorates from South African universities.
The transfer of administrative powers from Xingwana to Manuel was gazetted on Monday, the two ministries said in a joint statement.
Trevor Manuel is signalling that he will stand his ground on economic policy.
S is not facing a recession, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said on Tuesday, despite major industrialised countries slipping into negative growth.
The impact of the global financial crisis may be felt by world economies for years to come, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said on Monday.
On his wayFinance Minister Trevor Manuel is pictured at a meeting of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2007.
Manuel is among 11 Cabinet ministers and three deputy ministers who resigned on Tuesday.
Manuel said that the country's savings rate is not adequate.
Article originally in Cape ArgusFinance Minister Trevor Manuel has been elected the first chancellor of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT.
Manuel was elected to the position with "overwhelming support", said CPUT's vice-chancellor, Dr Vuyisa Tanga, ahead of the official announcement today.
Manuel is an alumnus of the university's precursor Pentech, where he studied civil and structural engineering.
Tanga said Manuel was "internationally renowned for his turnaround of the economy from a deficit economy to an economy that is now marketable.
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has not been approached as a possible successor to outgoing World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, a spokeswoman for Manuel said on Friday.
Manuel has been critical of how the World Bank and International Monetary Fund operate in developing countries, and he recently warned that such multilateral institutions were losing legitimacy because of their governance structures.
Despite being associated with Mbeki, Manuel was one of only a few of the present cabinet re-elected onto the ANC's national executive committee.
I wonder if Trevor and Ramos are planning to leave SA?It's a cold fact that these two are actively planning their way out of SA.
Johannesburg - Finance Minister Trevor Manuel is among 11 Cabinet ministers and three deputy ministers who have resigned.
Manuel has been key to the economic and monetary policies under Mbekis administration and, with markets watching closely for any sign that the new leadership will shift towards a more populist stance, will be a central component in ensuring economic stability in the run-up to elections next April.
Revved-up TrevMinister of finance Trevor Manuel has accused the media of doing its job.
Manuel says reporting this is an abuse of press freedom.
Now, Bloomberg's Simon Kennedy and Michael McKee report that Manuel has used the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos to push for consideration of a non-US president.
I have been told by sources in and near the Bank that Trevor Manuel is a key figure people are considering as a way of opening up the Bank president selection.