Second Vice President Pedro Solbes mira of Spain

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Pedro Solbes Mira denied that the European Commission was at fault for failing to inject more passion and pezazz into the preparations for the euro launch: It's true that the rate of exchange, the monetary policy, is something that's not so relevant from the point of view of citizens we insist very much on the relevance of this aspect.
Deutsch (de)English (en)franais (fr)E-mailPrintFocusBoard of GovernorsPedro Solbes Mira, Governor for SpainDate:30/04/2004Mr Pedro Solbes Mira was appointed Spain's Finance Minister in April 2004, succeeding Javier Arenas Bocanegra.
In the general elections of March 1996, Mr Solbes Mira was elected member of parliament for Alicante province and was Chairman of the Joint Committee on the European Union in the Spanish Parliament.
Mr Solbes Mira was also appointed European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs in 1999.
Mr Solbes Mira was born in Pinoso (Alicante) on 31 August 1942.
Pedro Solbes Mira is a Spanish politician, a member of the Socialist Workers' Party.
Pedro Solbes Mira was born in Pinoso, Alicante province, on 31st August 1942, and is married with three children.